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    The Crew Q&A

    Hi Crew,

    Here are some answers to questions, we (the forums) have them first!

    Which kind of car types are you going to offer in THE CREW?
    We will unveil more information about our car line-up later in the communication, but what we can say for the moment is that THE CREW will offer the widest variety of car types ever seen in a driving game, so that each gamer can find a vehicle for his taste, and can pick up the appropriate vehicle for the next challenge he’s up to. We’ve already unveiled at E3: muscle cars (old & new), pick-up, sports cars, GT cars, super cars. And THE CREW proposes a unique take on customization, so that each player can tune his car and make it unique, to really own it.

    Will it also be possible to drive motorcycles as well? And if so, just motorcross cycles or also streetcycles?
    Nothing is planned for now, we’re focusing all our efforts to provide a top quality (car) driving game at release

    As we will be able to drive through such a vast environment, does that mean we will also have to refuel at some point?
    We don’t want to frustrate gamers with having to refuel just like in real life - we only want them to enjoy the ride!

    What about day-night cycles and different weather conditions? Is THE CREW going to offer those?
    There will be a day/night cycle.

    Will it be possible to drive freely without participating in a racing?
    That’s part of the game core experience: for the first time in a driving game, players have the total freedom to drive from LA to Miami, from NYC to Vegas, with no loading time – alone, with friends, off-road or on-road… it’s their choice, nothing is imposed to them. And when they change their mind and feel like taking on a new challenge, they can do it at will, they will always find an activity (skill challenge, mission) to perform, or a friend to compete or cooperate with.

    We’ve heard about single and multiplayer modes, how does that work exactly?
    In THE CREW, you are part of an online world, with other drivers around you. The choice is yours to play on your own in this living world, or to team up on the go with friends to accomplish collective challenges. It’s a brand new driving game experience unlike anything that’s come before it.

    First, in the game’s universe, the experience is entirely customizable. You always have someone next to you, ready to jump into new challenges either with you or against you. You can decide to play a mission on your own, then change your mind and invite a friend to play it with you, or join a friend on the go to help him out on a mission you've already mastered, or just free-ride with old and new friends to discover one of the real world landmarks we've recreated. THE CREW offers you the freedom to tailor your experience at will.

    Can you tell us anything about the system requirements on PC (minimum/recommended specs)?
    More information to come in the future.

    How much complex is the route system going to be? Can we expect side-roads or just the usual main roads inside the city?
    This is one of the biggest challenges of the design team: to recreate a faithful inspiration of the US, fully open, and make it interesting for players to ride. The variety of terrains and road types is key to provide an enjoyable playground, so expect to see city streets, bridges, highways, but also country roads, desert tracks, mountain tracks, racing tracks ... Of course the road network has been adapted to a driving game, so for example the city streets are wide enough to allow for intense racing, without being stuck in the traffic.

    Is the environment going to be partially destructible?
    Yes : You can smash barriers, lampposts, benches, billboards, among others – even deckchairs and lifeguard cabins if you ride on the beaches – but be careful : this will damage your car thus impact its performance!

    Can we expect a radio/music-feature in every car?
    There will be a radio feature with different stations. Each radio will set up the mood and tone of the region the player is driving in. And you will be able to play your own playlist.

    Are these cars going to feature rear-mirrors?

    Which camera perspectives will be available in the game (Please include cockpit!)?
    You have 4 camera views at your disposal, including the famous cockpit view.

    How extensive is the customization feature going to be (colors, laquer type, vinyls, and stickers)?

    • There will be a wide range of features for the customization of your car.
    • 200 Unique Stickers ( Handmade also ), 500 Colors , liveries, rims, Front / Rear bumpers, skirts, Rear Wings, Motor hoods , Front / Rear Fender , Front / Rear Light , Side mirror
    • from Asphalt 2 Off-road type

    Will it be possible to ram other players during free drive or coop or will there be no collision detection at all?

    • Collision will be present in some aspects of the game.
    • During coop mission with friends, there will be a collision aspect to consider but that’s why everyone is driving at his best in cooperative missions, otherwise everyone is impacted at the end.
    • Regarding driving in the open world, more will be revealed in the future. Although be sure that anarchic collisions happening everywhere have been taken in account, and you will be able to enjoy your free drive as you wish it.
    • Finally you will always be able to ignore someone, removing him from your traffic.

    Is THE CREW also going to make use of a damage model?

    • The Crew will include a full damage system via a gauge. It will diminish each time the player hits something, the amount of damage received depending on how big the crash is. The bar will then replenish by itself until a certain point, that point being reached faster and faster as time goes by. After some time, the car will have to be repaired. Handling will be affected by the damages but only when they become pretty significant. The cars will get scratched or dented, the bumpers can fall down or hang off and if your vehicle is in bad shape, some scraping sounds or squeaky noises will be heard as you drive around or brake.

    How many cars can we expect to see in the game?
    We can’t go into details for now, but we have an amazing range of car types, including some models that we’re eager to show later!

    Are there any plans for DLC in order to extend the game even more?
    Our current focus is to finish this huge game, and offer a high quality experience to players. We acknowledge it’s a standard practice in AAA games now, but we’ll come back to this later, it’s not our focus right now.

    Of course we‘ve got a plan to satisfy the community once the game is out. The Crew will be a living game that will listen to the community.

    Is THE CREW going to make use of an InGame-Voice Chat?
    Yes – this is essential for us to give gamers all the tools to allow them to bond with their friends, and make the most out of this cooperative experience.

    Are there going to be level caps for some of the gamemodes?
    Yes – more details will come in the future.

    How important is driving physics going to be? Are you going to focus more on simulation or arcade style games in terms of physics?
    In terms of handling, THE CREW offers an action-driving type of gameplay, and we’re focusing our efforts to recreate believable driving sensations no matter the terrain.
    Note that each car will have a unique feeling giving the players a wide range of driving sensations.

    As THE CREW is going to be an MMO, does that mean there will be a monthly fee for it or do you just have to pay for it once,?

    How are you going to handle progression in the game? Is there going to be any kind of currency?
    You will earn XP, $, Crew Credits or PvP tokens in many ways.
    This allows you tune your car with rare parts and even more.

    Can you tell us anything about a potential ladder or tournament system?
    There will be an ongoing competition between players. More details to be revealed in the future.

    What about a Global Chat to encourage players to spend their time with others?
    No global chat is planned for now.

    Strictly speaking, will cross-platform play be possible (considering the game will be released on multiple platforms, it seems likely)?
    No cross-platform will be available. But we do offer a 2nd screen experience. We intend to allow players to be able to do all their building, organizing, and trading away from the console, so valuable time spent in front of the console can be spent immersed in the pure adrenaline delight of the core experience. We will provide more details later on the tablet experience, but what we showed at E3 is the ability to tune your car on tablet in a very accessible way, so that you're all set for new challenges when you return to gaming on your home console.

    What is the name of the song (used in your Trailer)?
    The Glitch Mob, Warrior Concerto https://www.facebook.com/TheCrew.fr/...39873862875934

    More to come later http://blog.ubi.com/
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    Awesome answers I'm glad you went over those. I have an idea for a commercial for The Crew. How about A guy is sitting on the couch playing the game he makes a car he likes, he drives it to his state and stops in front of his house, he puts down the controller and walks outside and there is his car waiting for him and he says thank god I don't have to make a down payment and he hops in and BAM, you show clips of the game and your driving
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    Plus - plus - double plus: keep this type of communication up!!

    Surprise us! Do what other game developers lack on! Communication with their fans.

    All the best,
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    Thanks for this. As much as I want to know everything about this awesome-sounding game, at the same time I don't want to know too much. The less we know now, the more there is to discover when playing.

    You can really see the link with TDU1 in some of these answers
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    Please, don't make this game like WOW as to play online we'd need to buy an account and stuff. we'll buy the CD even if you high the cost of the game to 100 dollars or plus :'(. Most of us can't pay and play, since we don't have visa card or scratch cards for such games are never available in my country :'(.
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    Thanks for this Thread. but how it looks with advanced input devices like Trackir? these are supported? if so, what devices?
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    Thanks for answers, it seems very interresting.
    Should be hard to wait early 2014 but I prefer wait a bit and have a good game finished.
    I'm sure this game will be the game of the decade and we'll take great pleasure.
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    Forgot 1 important question:
    The Crew will be at gamescom 2013 ?
    Answer: Yes, The Crew (PS4, XBO, PC)
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    Is there any damage in the free ride?
    Yes, stupid question. But there is a second question.
    Are there any repair stations on the map?
    Of course to ride through the whole country on the broken car is not fun, and every few minutes use fast travel too..
    Will there be restrictions in missions on vehicle class(raid, street...)?
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    • Are these cars going to feature rear-mirrors?

    Can you explain this? I mean in the cockpit view the mirrors are going to be blurred?
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