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    Eligible countries for the Road to Paris.


    My name is Alex. I am new to the forums as a poster but I've been watching and reading up for some time. I have a question. Why were some countries not included? Greece specifically since that's where I come from. Any laws for monetary prizes have been abolished if I recall correctly and I wonder why we were excluded. I know at least 10-12 people who would love to take part in this championship but they won't have the chance to do so. I apologize in advance if this has already been adressed.
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    Hey Alex, I'm not the person who could answer the question as of "why". However, I do know that they have to investigate and assure for each country seperately whether it is eligible in terms of legislation.

    You could email to road2paris@ubisoft.com and ask, not why, but if they are willing to investigate whether Greece could become eligible for participation; providing argumentation.
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    Moving this to appropriate sub-forum.
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    I apologize for posting this in the wrong forum I will do just that about Greece , I think it's very much worth it Thank you for your information Ipwnfour!
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