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    Silent Hunter 5 How do you man the deck gun ? How do you order it to shoot ?

    How can you man the deck gun in Silent Hunter 5 ?
    How can you order the deck gun to shoot ? I am in the middle of the 2nd mission (destroy 300,000 or 30,000 tons ) with a whole convoy of merchant ships around me on a calm sea. The deck gun is manned but I cannot take control of it (I can't even see it) and it doesn't shoot at the ships even when locked on.
    I tried shooting hitting a ship with a torpedo and still the deck gun won't shoot.
    Furthermore, how do you identify the ships ?
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    Hello LionHawk5,

    Have you tried going to the SH5 General Forum and look at some of the posts about deck guns.
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    press the F1 key and it gives you the keyboard layout. Print it out or write it down.
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    Worthless advice. If the key shown in F1 worked we wouldnt be here asking dumb questions.
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    Have you asked the man at the front of the conning tower, the one with the binoculars to get the crew to man the deck gun. When that is done, go down to the deck gun point at the deck gun to high lite it, click and use the binoculars in the top left corner to aim, space bar to fire, scroll wheel to raise and lower.
    Have a great day, and don't be so rude.
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