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    Customer Support Contact Breakdown

    This guide contains the instructions on how to contact the Spartacus Legends customer support team. To start a ticket, please visit our support website: support.ubi.com.

    Once you have opened our support website, you will see a list of different platforms. You will click on your desired platform, depending on which platform you are having trouble with. For example: If you are having trouble buying Gladiators from the store in game on your PlayStation 3, then you will click on the “PS3” button.

    From here, a list of games is displayed. Since you have questions about Spartacus Legends, please click Spartacus from the displayed list of games and further, Spartacus Legends. This will open a drop down menu of concurrent problems within the game. For example: Unable to purchase gladiators, Multiplayer connection issues, and more.

    If your question is not answered above, please follow the steps below.

    From the front page of the support website, on the left side there is an option that says “My Questions”. You will click the button that says, “To my questions”, bringing you to another window. From here, the options displayed are “Support Home”, “Advanced Search”, “Ask a Question”, and “My Question History”. If you’d like to ask our support team a question, simply click “Ask a Question”.

    Once you have done so, it will redirect you to a form which you will fill out, depending on the situation you are having. When you have completely filled out this form, simply hit the “Continue” button.

    Upon clicking the “Continue” button, a message will be displayed, giving you a reference number (ticket number) and a confirmation that they have received your question.

    Be sure to check back at "My Question History" to see if your submitted question has been answered within the allotted time!


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    International Support: http://www.ubi.com/US/Support/InternationalSupport.aspx

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    Too bad you support menu doesnt work
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