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    The Fallen Ones now recruiting!

    The Fallen Ones

    To sign up, contact Empyreal Light on this page, Twitter, or Xbox Live. We will arrange a tryout for you as soon as we can. The tryout can be multiple things, but ultimately what we want is to see how you will perform in a competitive situation. We're seeking players in both AA and Manhunt. Please include the following information when signing up:

    • Your age. Sorry, but this is important.
    • Whether you are an AA player, Manhunt player, or both.
    • The time zone you live in.
    • Your gamertag.
    • Your level on AC3.
    • *Optional: Your Twitter handle. Including this will make it very easy to contact you quickly.

    Here are some ground rules:

    • We have absolutely no tolerance for drama. This includes sending hateful messages on Twitter and XBL. If you have a problem with someone, don't make a scene.
    • Using exploits is also not tolerated.
    • If you do decide to join, please try to remain active. We understand that real life comes before AC3, however, if something DOES come up please take the few minutes to contact someone.
    • We don't want a disjointed clan- try and play with your clanmates when you can. It doesn't have to be AC3 all the time either!
    • Sign up at http://tfoclan.enjin.com/
    • Above all, we want to create a group that enjoys each others' company and plays well together.

    NOTICE: We will only be accepting three more players before closing recruitment.

    Members: (Gamertag/Position/Status/Twitter Handle)

    • Empyreal Light (Leader) (@empysan)
    • CryptoNarwhals (@CryptoNarwhals)
    • elizond0
    • Icewolf8892 (@Icewolf8892)
    • Toxic The Great (@ToxicTheGreat)
    • delRosqrio (semi-active)
    • TheFireEaterX (@TheFireEaterX)
    • Interval Zero (@ecchis)
    • Jibrail (@JibrealLight)
    • xTwistedVortexx (@DizziestZeus30)
    • Usnu (@Trevordevlin1)
    • bogeyman22
    • AwkwardForLife (@Awkwardkun)
    • A Cupcake Nurse (@A_CupcakeNurse)
    • Rizbro @OG_Rizbro
    • CursedTranskara (@CursedTranskara)
    • MalikTheBeast13 (@Malikthenoob13)
    • xHypnot1k (@xHypnot1k)
    • GloomyFantasy (@GloomyFantasyy)
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    Slightly edited the first post. Also, please remember to send a message when you want to arrange a tryout.
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    I'd like to welcome KingCarjo, DizziestZeus30, and Usnu to the clan! Congratulations!
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    Edited the first post with some GT changes. We should have a website up and running by the end of the week.
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    I'd like to welcome bogeyman22 as a full fledged member and Jony the Bean as a probationary member!
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    Welcome WE THE KILLERS6! And I updated the first post with the clan website! Sign up!

    PS awkward is basic
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    Welcome A Cupcake Nurse and AyeGoM!

    Carjo xD has bee removed from the roster.
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    When can I try out?
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    Originally Posted by SXYiestAssassin Go to original post
    When can I try out?
    Whenever is most convenient for you, but first you need to fill out the form either here or privately over XBL.

    Also, I haven't updated the roster in some time: I'd like to welcome Rizbro, CursedTranskara, Malikthebeast13, IntooDeep202, l Jaaamie AC l, and xHypnot1k!
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    Updated some roster changes, and added a recruitment notice
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