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    My Uplay is Northglenn_Jeff
    Not sure my name is JeffyKeify303
    Northglenn Jeff from Xbox playing PC to catch more rounds and enjoy the players I have met so far and wow many more Classic players that come on during the mornings mainly
    Just compared to XBOX we only have a small 12 players that remain active regularly.
    PC has much more new players and matches start quickly over here.
    Enjoying my PC time i'm on vacation so when I get back home i should be playing xbox again but maybe both honetsly
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    i love this dude from wyatt hertz games videos
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    I guess I'm trying to collect all of the Online achievements, willing to do Private Match, Boosting, and Daily/Weekly challenges.

    GMT -5:00
    Central USA.

    I work from 2pm-2am,

    Weekends always work.

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    PC coop

    My uplay TomShadow55

    add me if you want coop.

    I would like find somebody to complete the last mission E4 "smuggling"

    I from France, I speak FR and EN
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    Splintercell blacklist

    i need friends on blacklist gametag lockdown 21days
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