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    looking for player coop and multiplayer
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    Platform PC
    Uplay - Jac0bson
    Country - Poland
    ADD ME ^^

    Im new player in Blacklist, but played a lot Chaos Theory and Double Agents on multiplayer. Add me if you want to play Coop and Versus mode with me
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    new jersey
    Originally Posted by LADYGATINO Go to original post
    Hi, will love to play
    XBOX 360
    I am NEW, is there a problem?
    whats your gamertag?
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    GT : MattAFC x
    Platform : xbox 360
    New to this splinter cell but played all the rest but one and im still decent at this one
    Don't care where you come from aslong as you can speak good english
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    GMT+1 (but any time really)
    I don't have a mic but i'm working on that
    Mostly ghost
    Mostly coop but SvM is ok
    Let's make it happen people!
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    EL_MUGROSO psn. Mostly play extraction. Enjoy co-op but have only played it a couple of times with friends. Really don't have a style of playing, guess I'm a noob but I like to believe myself a good team mate so feel free to add. Got both dlcs and looking forward to more. SCB BABY!!!!!!
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    Uplay: Green.Hornet
    IGN: Green.Hornet
    Platform: PC
    Game-type: Coop
    Play-style: Ghost
    Difficulty: Perfectionist
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    Anyone playing cod ghosts, and what play style are you using? I'm using run and gun but I sometimes use run gun and drop and jump and drop and run. In that order but I do switch it up when the need be. Also, I play team death match.
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    If need help, I'm free (ps3-joat1513)

    If anyone needs help with coops or anything else, I am available for help. I have the dlc coop missions as well. If interested, message and friend me informing what you'd like help with.


    Originally Posted by BoBwUzHeRe1138 Go to original post
    Welcome to Fourth Echelon.

    With the Blacklist about to begin soon, we'll need all the agents we can get to help Sam out in the field. This is of the highest priority -- we'll need to form bonds so that when being deployed in teams of two (2) or four (4) to retrieve intel from the mercenaries that the Engineers have hired, we do so with people who know to trust one another. I'll be your handler but Sam will get to choose which of you are the best of the best. Good luck.

    Anna Grimsdóttir

    I created this thread as a more "official" way of listing members from the forums for everyone to friend on their respective systems in order to play co-op or SvM with one another. I know many of the PC players have already talked and added one another but I thought we could consolidate this into one thread created for the sole purpose of being able to find people who play on the same system you do. So... comment with your username/gamertag/etc., what system you play on, what your preferred multiplayer game mode is (co-op/SvM/both), and what your playstyle is (assault/panther/ghost).

    If you do not state your playstyle, I'll assume you're a Panther since it's the middle ground. If you don't state which game mode(s) you'll play, I'll assume it'll be both.

    If someone doesn't have a specified note about when they can play, they will most likely be up to playing whenever they can. Remember that people have other things going on in their lives so if they can't play for a week, it's probably for good reason.

    Communication is key to winning in Spies versus Mercenaries and is definitely a useful tool for cooperative play. If you don't have a mic of some sort, I would suggest getting one. (I personally have some Turtle Beach headphones but I always forget how to plug them in, I'll figure it out haha)

    If you're on PC, consider Teamspeak and Skype as good ways to communicate.

    XBOX 360

    • AfterTheFire - SvM - Ghost
    • AUG x ELMOKILLZ - Co-op/SvM - Ghost
    • B4NE 0 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost
    • Biggins980 - Co-op/SvM - Any, Prefers Panther - Eastern Timezone
    • bkatzy - Co-op/SvM - Ghost (Panther if necessary, Assault for sh*ts and giggles) - UK, will focus on completing SP on Perfectionist and getting all collectibles before multiplayer
    • BoBwUzHeRe - Co-op/SvM (Mostly SvM Classic) - Ghost-Panther Hybrid (Phantom) - Will focus on SP before the multiplayer modes, refuses to use M&E, will want to play on Perfectionist unless we agree to a specific Panther run or Assault run (only for sh*ts and giggles)
    • Bountyhunterinc - SvM Classic (will try BL SvM depending on group size) - Panther
    • CounterNinja - SvM (Maybe co-op) - Panther (sometimes Ghost)
    • CovertOwl - SvM Classic - Panther
    • D0dg3 V1PeR - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther - Usually plays between 10.00 and 0.00 GMT +1
    • Dog 0f War - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther - Perfectionist
    • FadedEchos - Co-op/SvM - Mostly Ghost (Will Panther) - Playing out of BC, Canada
    • Fidgetygiorno - Co-op - Ghost-Panther Hybrid - Looking for a co-op partner with a similar playstyle
    • Giseto - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther - Prefers people over 27 to play with
    • Jazz117Volkov - Primarily Co-op/Some SvM - Ghost/Panther/Readily Adaptable
    • JJDsPlace - Co-op/SvM - Panther - Not on much
    • KevinPDZ - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • Knot3D - Co-op/SvM - Ghost-Panther Hybrid (leans toward Ghost)
    • Kong Harald V - Co-op/SvM - Ghost (some Panther elements)
    • Luke883 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost-Panther Hybrid (leans toward Ghost)
    • MariusRhinox - Mostly Co-op/Some SvM - Ghost/Panther/Assault/Any Hybrid
    • NonSequitur777 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • NorthernZoot - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • NVGxBeastHouse - Co-op - Ghost/Panther - Can play anytime after 5 PM (EST)
    • Old8enkenobi - Co-op/SvM - Panther/Ghost - Has mic, On most days except Wednesday
    • Rdsknsfan3 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost (Willing to play Panther or Assault if the other wishes)
    • RedRobin183 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost - Has mic
    • RH Stealth - Co-op/SvM - Ghost (Will distract and KO if necessary... will probably restart checkpoints if detected and plays of Perfectionist) - Has mic, EST timezone
    • Rogue Agent 035 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost-Panther Hybrid
    • shinycaptain - SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • SigintsShadow - Co-op/SvM - Ghost (Panther when necessary)
    • SoFantastick - Co-op/SvM - Panther - Plays often
    • Stealth Gamer92 - Co-op/SvM - Panther-Hawk
    • Strife IVI - Mostly SvM/Some Co-op - Ghost (remains as stealthy as possible)
    • Suitlaw ii - Co-op/SvM - Ghost-Panther Hybrid
    • tatterz - SvM Classic - Panther
    • TSquires101 - Co-op/Ghost - Ghost
    • WHEN not IF - SvM (Co-op for relief) - Ghost-Panther Hybrid - Demands sense of humor to lighten the weariness of existence.

    • aznassassin158 - SvM (May play Co-op) - Ghost/Panther - Refuses to use M&E
    • blaqoutbeastmode - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • Bond_Boy88 - Primarily Co-op (Open to SvM) - Ghost/Panther
    • boonperm - Co-op/SvM - Panther (Will Ghost if the other person wants to) - Will only be able to play next year
    • Chaos Isaac - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther - No mic but has skype
    • DarthKorrok - Co-op/SvM - Any playstyle - Has a mic, EST timezone
    • JezgadiR - Primarily Co-op (Little SvM) - Panther (Ghost will be a hard second)
    • MikeManiac61 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/PAnther/Assault
    • Om4zd - Co-op/SvM - Has mic and is enthusiastic about teamwork
    • ProSoldier14 - Co-op/SvM - Any playstyle - Has mic
    • reddragonhrcro - SvM (possibly co-op) - Ghost/Panther
    • Revan5972 - Co-op/SvM - Panther/Assault/Might try Ghost - Available most nights
    • shobhit7777777 - Co-op/SvM - Batman
    • THE_STIFFDEATH - Mostly Co-op/Some SvM - Ghost (Perfectionist, no takedowns)
    • ViLLNess - Co-op/SvM - Panther/Ghost/Assault
    • Zhouprodigy - Co-op Mostly (Will try SvM) - Mostly Panther/Ghost for Challenge/Open to Assault - Has a mic


    • Alex.Mahon - Co-op/SvM - Panther/Ghost (but mostly Panther)
    • AndrejFisher - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • blkspdr - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • CournelChaos - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther - Can only play a couple of nights, especially Friday
    • DaftPunk (Steam) - SvM Classic (will try BL SvM depending on group size) - Panther
    • Deltaslavik - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther/Action
    • Dome500 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost-Panther Hybrid (Phantom)
    • EMT_MCCARTHY - Co-op/SvM - Panther
    • Gunnut - Co-op/SvM - Panther
    • Jaruto - Co-op/SvM - Ghost
    • Jazz_117 - Primarily Co-op/Some SvM - Ghost/Panther/Readily Adaptable
    • kryptx101 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost-Panther Hybrid (Assault only as last resort)
    • LegacyZ3RO - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • marc_cro - Co-op/SvM - Ghost (Panther if the other player insists)
    • Mateus99 - Coop/SvM - Ghost/Panther - Doesn't play online too much but will put in some hours
    • Michaelanjello - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther (Occasionally Assault)
    • NightGhost1994 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther/Assault
    • xRaDRoacHx - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther/Assault
    • sam2000_290 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther (Occasionally Assault)
    • SCUser1978 - Co-op/SvM - Ghost/Panther
    • shobhit7777777 - Co-op/SvM - Batman
    • SimonDenton - Coop-/SvM Classic - Ghost Only
    • SplinterJVCell - SvM (Maybe Co-op) - Panther
    • sun8838531 - SvM Only - Any playstyle - American Easten Time

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    Name: Petter494
    Playstyle: Ghost
    Platform: PC
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