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    JDub2001's Avatar Junior Member
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    Aug 2013
    Washington, DC
    Steam/uPlay - JDub314
    Style - All
    Modes - All

    I have all of the software needed to communicate just add me on Steam or uPlay.
    I have a mic and I'm able to record/stream games.
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    PC player

    uPlay Username: Vlynor
    Playstyle: Ghost/Panther (Assault if preferred)
    Region: USA, EST
    Modes: Cooperative/SVM

    English speaker, no microphone. Prefer to play with other English speakers for communication purposes.
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    Exiousa's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2011
    HK relocated from UK
    PC here as well, username is same as the forum one

    Play style: prefer Ghost or Panther, but also don't mind assault (Although Charlie's maps always escalate into this -,- )
    Region: UK time zone, generally evenings.
    Modes: Just Coop games, not a big fan of running around on the svm maps

    English native speaker, have mic, if required.
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    I play PC
    play style: Ghost/panther
    region: UK from 12:00 +
    modes: coop SvM
    got a mic too
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    Uplay: oAllElseFailo (lvl 55)
    Mode: SvM Blacklist/Classic
    So Cali. so PST have vent, looking for people that HAVE a mic and know what's going on

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    Lookin for some people to play any modes
    Uplay: Uyematsu
    Steam: Uyematsu
    Modes: Any - Coop/VS
    San Diego
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    Hey gusy just wondering if you guys are having problems joining or finding multiplayer games because i havant been able to play one game because i cant find anyone please had and do add me C4PENETRATION
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    PS3 Player Here (Have mic)
    Username- DirkDigglar93
    Playstyle- Ghost mastery non lethal-non detection as main, but also enjoy panther. Have a setup for assault if preferred
    Difficulty- Usually play realistic, and repeat on perfectionist...any difficulty is fine
    Mode- Cooperative, especially looking for other players to do the Briggs missions with, I have finished the other 4e missions solo, but have no problem playing them again
    Region- USA CMT...off work all of this week so I'm generally available whenever
    Other- Been playing SC since the original, chaos theory being my favorite. As I said I prefer ghost non lethal with no detection on the harder difficulties. As well as getting all of the collectibles. But any playstyle or difficulty is fine to help out newcomers...just send me a friend request and a message with what you would like to do, thanks guys
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    Uplay: flavi4president
    Playstyle: any
    Modes: any
    Looking for teamplayers for multiplayer. Mic is a must(english speaking ofc) Preferably from EU.
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    godsmack_darius's Avatar Senior Member
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    Aug 2008
    Somebody add me! I am doing SvM classic with a hardcore stealth approach. I want someone who I can communicate with and use tactics with! I am willing to play anything else!

    PSN: Sithis_d

    Mic is preferred!
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