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    Ищу напарника в игру Splinter Cell
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    Looking for a co-op partner to try and get the Briggs missions and the co-op for all the other 4E and campaign missions

    I prefer Panther style but we can work it

    roscoerox is my PS3 username and I usually play between 4p and 9p EST
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    Uplay:benrambo05ubi - Coop/SvM - Ghost/Panther

    I play SvM online very often and a little Coop
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    Looking for splinter cell group.

    I'm looking for a group to play splinter cell with (blacklist) anyone on?
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    ubiplay: Cloud18Strife
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    PC/uPlay/Steam: FU7UR3PR00F

    Prefer Ghost but happy with any kind of Co-Op action
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    PCUPLAY - turbo_ice_team

    Hi everyone
    Looking for Coop players and-or for (mostly) SvsM
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    Looking for partners to get weekly challenge, will stick around if I can get some playtime out of it!
    UPlay: Don-Calvo
    Steam: Praetoriax (icon: Laurens crown with sword, grey background)
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    Splinter cell pvp Xbox players

    Do anybody want to play
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    Blacklist COOP/SvM

    If anyone wants to do the coop (i prefer ghost but am fine with panther) HMU because I never got to do any of the briggs missions. I have the DLC maps too.
    Discord : Brenton#1333
    PCUPLAY: OakBwood (I most likely wont check this so try another one first)
    Steam: bwoodisgood09
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