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    I am looking for a friend for cooperative. I play on PS3 !!!
    I am looking for a partner for co-op, in particular Briggs mission to get ticks quietly and without murders playing style crystal ghost. In order to achieve them, will have a lot of time to restart checkpoints, who are willing to come with me go to friends, now online nickname uplay sadikofffff "£ 5 letters at the end ....
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    Just Got it recently on PC!!

    Hi Community!!

    I am from India and looking for players to play along with me.
    Just add me and we'll sort out the time and other details later!


    Uplay Id- Paradox_26
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    Coop-Spieler/Coop-Player wanted

    Hey Leute, ich suche hier nach Coop-Spielern.
    Ich bin deutsch, über 21 und mein Stil ist meistens Panther, aber manchmal auch Stealth und ich würde mich dabei gern über das Vorgehen absprechen, daher wäre es schön, wenn du ebenfalls deutsch sprechen könntest.
    Mein Uplay-Name ist Malarauco, also added mich und lasst uns Spaß haben

    Hey Guys, I am searching for a Coop-Player
    I am german, over 21 and my style is mostly panthr but sometimes stealth too and I want to make arrangements with my buddy about the next step, so it would be nice, if you can speak german too
    My Uplay-Name ist Malarauco so add me an lets have fun
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    looking for pro :D

    I'd like play Svm
    im looking for players
    Trust Me im Pro PC- Uplay hamedrockstar
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    Please pm me or add on skype alfred.greene1

    i play ps3, i enjoy both co-op and svm and would be interested in joining a clan. I dont have a mic, but i have skype.

    My prefered style is panther, but im good with any style. I enjoy any difficulty, or any kind of 4e mission.

    i am Thewarsword on all things execept my id for uplay. I forget what that is.
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    Xbox 360 GT EmberDragon96
    Preferred Game Mode: SvM
    Preferred Style: Ghost

    I'd also like to finish all of Charlie's and Briggs's missions.
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    Adds a ps3 play, go through cooperative ghost, I'm online, sadikofffff
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    жаль что на x box
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    karl775's Avatar Junior Member
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    Jan 2013
    Merseyside UK
    Hi guys,
    Looking for a co op partner for blacklist.
    I played the PS3 version when that came out for ages, but just got a gaming pc and I'm looking for co op and friends for spies v mercs.
    I'm 45 years old so I'm not looking for a child to go co op.( does that sound right) adults only please with headset and mike.
    Uplay name karljones775
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    AntiChrist7's Avatar Senior Member
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    Anyone Dutch/Flemish for co-op missions can add me (PC)
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