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    Server downtime today

    Ok, so what was the deal today?

    No noticable improvements in lag/disconnections after 2 updates now. And now we're down for 4-5 hours without so much as the forums to make us feel better by way of venting.

    You guys get hit hard by something or did someone just trip over the cord again?
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    Still can't get in. Get and error occurred. We have grail attacks incoming.. We have maintenance in city well over -4mil.. what the hell is going on. If we lose troops and our grail because of this.. it is an automatic.. get my account off this damn game.

    Why don't you just come out and tell everybody that you got hacked over the weekend. And now you are experiencing a denial of access server attack.
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    Yes, almost all of Ubi was down. Now it just seems to be our servers again. So far I've had:

    A. 6 hours Sunday morning when many of us could not get on, but others could and time kept running
    B. Lost all Sunday evening - the timeshift is not great news when it means you can't play on a weekend
    C. Lost this evening as well; and who knows what this will look like?

    How do I get compensated for A when I have 7 worlds and cannot possibly enumerate exactly what it is I lost?
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    We need a 3 month of free subscription as the compensation for everyone (to get even back that "to make a donation" feeling and to get an interest for this game again). Cause those downtime phases have become really annoying (this time I'm losing my troops for sure and it's happening almost in every world)...
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    While I don't think a 3 month subscription is warranted from this, I do think that a smaller free subscription should be awarded. In the past they used to give out 1 week free subs for errors of a shorter period. Perhaps a 2 week subscription should be considered.
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    Today, again, can not enter the game.
    When will repair?
    I demand compensation
    Week subscription! And 400 credits to all.
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    Seems like some form of compensation is in order here, and a free week or two of subscription is not only a good olive branch back to the player community, but also could be a good "preview" of what a subscription is like for free players. Good idea, Cleric!
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    Has anybody noticed that UBI has not even had the decency to come into this forum and tell us why the servers are down, or when we can expect them to come back up. Their customer service anymore STINKS.. really STINKS...
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    Should have renewed my subscription yesterday but all I got was white page with error message when loading the main page. Now there is atleast the UBI screen telling there is an error I wonder if discontinuation in subscription will cause losses....
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    Has anyone been able to play in the last 10 hours or so? I know a lot of us have not been able to log in. Has anyone?
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