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    HOMM5 Tribes of the East Won't Let Me Split Stacks

    I have HOMM 5, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East from steam. When I play Hammers of Fate, everything goes great. I can do everything, including splitting stacks by pressing shift, moving the stack to an empty space, and then selecting how many units I want to split off. But when I play Tribes of the East, it doesn't let me split the stacks. I shift, click the stack, and click an open slot, but all it does is relocate the entire stack. It doesn't give me the option to even try to select units to split off. So, is something wrong? I tried checking on Google, but I couldn't find anything other then the basic instructions on just splitting the stack, not the problem I'm having. I really need some help. The rest of the game runs just fine, but stack splitting is really important in this game, so I'm losing a lot of functionality.

    Im also having a slightly smaller, but nevertheless annoying problem with my zoom. The camera stays very zoomed in and doesn't let me zoom further in or farther out. Again, Hammers of Fate lets me zoom in and out without a problem.

    Can anyone out there help? Is this a problem other people have had?
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    I find something here:
    In the third post is the answer:
    Oh... I figured it out. I didn't notice there's a little pointer on creatures' squares when you drag/select them, so I kept trying to fit the squares together. Splitting works like a charm too. Thanks!
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    I know that it's been 7 years

    Although I played on GoG I had a identical issue. Here's what I did:
    I updated my video drivers, installed diretcX 9 and deleted my profile in game. I also stopped the synchronisation of profile and saves in GoG for Homm5 ToE.
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