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    Herald of the Void - Feedback

    Dear Champions,

    Itís been almost 2 weeks since Herald of the Void was launched, with its 103 new cards! It was a big milestone for the game.

    Now itís time for YOU to tell what you think about the series!
    Tell us everything in the comments below!

    Aza and the Doc Team
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    fix the bug...still many bug there...

    daily reward just awesome ..its help alot to us...thx for free stuff there...
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    Very happy with expension and overally with the game, keep up the good work, now waiting for bug fixing and hope the next expansion will bring a new faction to experiment with, dungeon, swamp or academy.
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    Add a cost to Nergal active effect.
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    I really like the expansion. I think my biggest thumb up for your team was that the power curve was very reasonable. Yup there's some good cards! But you didn't overshadow every single card from previous sets so there are still tons of viable old cards. That's going to keep me paying for this game knowing that you're not making the older sets obsolete every new expansion.

    Also really like that these new epics in the set are just awesome novelties to a deck and not absolute staples to being competitive. Great work with the overall balance guys.
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    Good time of the day! First of all i want to congratulate all the team of Ubisoft with really great work they did, and continue to do. Chats are really usefull, and help to keep in touch old friends and meet new. Dayly bonus is very pleasant and usefull, espetially for beginners. For that big thanks to all the team!
    I am 1000+ elo, and i really like this game. But now i got the feeling that game is really less interesting. Almost everybody now play necro and inferno. Sanctuary and heaven are almost dead. Their cards become too week to resist. What happens at 1500+elo - it s only necro and Dhamiria(againt thiis hero practically nothing can t resist).Appear big disbalance, and all interest to game is going away(honestly, it s boring from 10 games meet 5 necro, 3 inferno, 1 or 2 bastion, and just 1 sanctuary or heaven)...Anybody don t like to play the game, where he loose too much. Of course, people can always begin to play stronger fractions, if they got anough cards and hero(the biggest part of players it s who begin not so long time ago, so they don t got too much cards). And a lot of players do that. But it means that heaven and sanctuary disappear from the game. Ask the people, who played this 2 fractions before, what they play now, and how it works now.
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    I'm a bit desappointed by the new set, and maybe (even if it's too early) by the way the game goes.

    The greatest desappointement is that the factions have more and more no differences between each others. There isn't a strong guideline for each... When i see that necro can rush now very strongly... It's just... how to say... really bad, no ?
    Moreover the way taken by the magic school seems to be the same : the great unification.

    I guess that the choice to give the "first strike", by default, to the attackers forces to the unification of the creatures. More and more, i find this choice totally counter-productive to a boarding game, because the first player who cast something into a row tends to lock it (like in a boarding game where it's not a good move to board). To avoid the lock, the solution taken by the new set is to increase the HP of early drops : boarding in front of something becomes easier, sure, but i think it's not a good way.
    If the next set brings a 3/0/7 inferno creature for 3, i guess i will leave the game...

    Fortunatly, the perfect design in the ressource system let me have some hope. I think the rest of the design is far behind how ressources is managed, and i hope it will become better soon.

    Maybe we are living the "Ice Age" of the game (if people remember how bad was this set in MTG, and like a paradox how good the game becomes after).
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    The good:

    * New cards are, overall, excellent. I really like the power level and diversity of the set, overall. The pace of new card release is also really promising for the future of the game, the timing was basically perfect.
    * The new features - chat, daily rewards - are well implemented and appreciated.
    * The additional achievements are great, and really give you an incentive to explore the new card pool. Huge thumbs up for these.
    * Unique, epic spells are awesome, and very well implemented.

    The bad:

    * I have some quibbles with some of the new cards. Eg. most of the non-unique spells are garbage, and I think cosmic balance is downright unfair to an entire deck archetype.
    * The amount of complaining about nergal atm is pretty overwhelming, I don't think there's a fundamental problem but I do think necro was pushed a lot more obviously than the other factions (untamed wrath and decay spitter in particular), which has made it an easy choice to pick up at the start. Necro can be very annoying to play against, it might have been an idea to give other factions (esp haven) more tools to deal with incorporeal and high toughness creatures.
    * the blurring of the lines between the factions in terms of spell schools was disappointing to me, even if theoretically justifiable in the lore.

    The ugly:

    * bugs, bugs, bugs. swiss tournaments are almost unplayable for me atm, and I frequently lose jackpot tourney games due to bugs. It's super frustrating, I don't know if it's server load or what, but very poor form.
    * the ipad delay was very annoying while it lasted, but at least it's fixed now.

    Overall, I think this has been an excellent expansion - thanks Ubi!

    Fortunatly, the perfect design in the ressource system let me have some hope. I think the rest of the design is far behind how ressources is managed, and i hope it will become better soon.
    Really? the resource design "system" is the worst part of this game. It's so brainless.
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    "It's so brainless."

    That's why it's good. Easy and secured. I don't want to think to have a way to cast my cards.
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    Sure, that can be a valid opinion, but I personally like complexity in my game (that's why I play TCGs) and this is the single most disappointing aspect of the game (#2 being the "everyone draws 2 cards per turn). MTGs poorly-understood mana system is the single best resource system out there, but even something like the WoWtcg "sacrifice any card to make a resource" system, which is pretty standard nowdays, would be preferable to the "system" in this game.

    Anyway, way off topic...
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