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    I've to agreed on everything with Elementalist.
    Also: orange in signature.
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    isnt it already 3 cards per 24 h? it need to be at least 6 cards, every 4-th hour or so.
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    Originally Posted by Romichukr Go to original post
    isnt it already 3 cards per 24 h? it need to be at least 6 cards, every 4-th hour or so.
    Agree! Because when that feature was introduced, the card pool was much smaller than it is now. Shorten the cycles please.
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    Originally Posted by Elementalist. Go to original post
    I very much like the addition of the new cards and most of the existing card changes, however a few things are getting in the way of seeing a more diverse meta.

    - Necro has become rushier than inferno which feels so very wrong.
    - Packs are too expensive, making the game more grind-heavy than ever. I can understand if you do not want to lower the price of reinforcements but void at 18.5k? Really?
    - If the daily rewards were introduced to keep the newcomers playing, this isn't really working. Random, no choice, bonuses they cannot really take advantage of or have no interest in.
    - I cannot believe the Mulligan bug and crashes have not been resolved yet. This is pretty much unacceptable.
    - While I definitely wanted Kieran and Siegfried to get nerfed, their abilities are all but useless now. Meanwhile other heroes that were next to useless still remain so. It shouldn't be hard to tweak them a bit, that would make the meta so much more interesting!
    - Many cards that were really bad and could have been playable remain unused.
    - Chat should have an option to turn off all those distracting sounds.
    - Elo matchmaking remains ridiculously bad, often pairing people against 200-400 rating above or below.
    - There should be more incentives to play at a higher elo so that some would have no reason to drop their elo on purpose.
    and add more cards to infernal pit, they also need to change more often
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    Now that infernal pit has cards from all three sets it would be great if we had a card from each every 8 hours.
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    My thoughts

    @ Hantzzz / creature
    Adding cost to nergal poison will make him a worse and he will be propably @ Siegfried/kieran position. If you are complaining about necro power better: Do sth with week of wild spirits (kind of bad cause sanctuary is kind of meh without it) or consider nerfing lvl 3/4 necro drop (3 real strong lvl 3 and 1 decent(Vampire, Untamed Wraith, Crypt Friend and Skeleton Archer) (3 real strong lvl 4 and 2 decent (archlich, soul consuming lich, decoy spitter and moonsilk spider, vengenful spectre) or buff other nations :P (propably add more magic dmg units but i guess in this case we would see a war of magic attack units, who has more win xD
    (here is why necro units are strong)
    Nearly all of this units give a lot of utility and a bit of power which can be buffed by events... and yet u can build nergal with 2 x magic lvl 2 drop, 1 x lvl 3 magic drop, and 2 x lvl 4 magic drop and to compare this units to sanctuary all this units have utility (incorporteral and life steal) and better stats (vs heaven, stronghold not vs magic heavy decks). To sum up we have 3 x lvl 3 tank units (crypt friend, untamed wraith, skeleton archer) and 1 self sustain tank, @ lvl 4 we got a real strong self sustain tank, self sustain shooter @ lvl 4, incorporteal tank and lane control creature (moonsilk spider on lane and who u wanna deploy in that lane?) and blocker with infect and 2 dmg finisher

    Funny fact that inferno has more less offensive utility powers (1 dmg to hero/card discarding/no more card then 1 etc < life drain health regen itp) then rough field utility power which now is dominant @ necropolis. Inferno is kind of mess right now... it has a lot of control deck potential with no control creature or with not a huge number of it (i guess lilim, hellfire maniac, doombringer mix well with inferno fortunes to help stall game, but i dont get why mix heavy rush and control fortunes so hard --> its like 0 synergy right now )
    Other nations lvl 3 - 4 drops are not as good as necro one as well... lvl 3 drop @ heaven is (cross

    Still there are few heroes who doesnt have anwser vs otk

    Wolf guard,bramble beast are so much worse compare to hellfire bloater, san and necro walls, sanctuary one can imobilize enemy so he has to attack, hangman tree can regen, hellfire can be detonated, but wolf guard and bramble beast are just useless... dunno why wolf guard and bramble have cannot attack... thats just making em so useless i think they should be able to do that to allow them place in decks...
    Griffin Priest his stats are really terible... more attack less retaliation plz or 0 usefulness nearly (inferno void caller twice as better...)
    Griffin Knight should have 2 attack and 1 retaliation... right now he is kind of meh vs incorporteral units and he shouldnt be (right now he makes em -2 dmg but cant deal dmg to them and they just have wild spirit to compensate it)
    Ice shell get taken down even if u have guard ability > then enemy attack
    Altar of Asha cant ressurect killed creature (which could before)
    Cosmic Balance is terrible event... for 3 hp cost it should be a normal cosmic...
    Day of conscription terrible
    Hall of arrows too expensive?

    @ chat
    chat is nice but:
    unused chat doesnt close after game
    annoying sounds which cannot be turned off
    chat getting randomly closed while typing...
    random chat window is being open when u click on chat instead of last talk or sth like that
    u cant search for player
    0 filters
    @reward system
    rewards which actually reward more players who started earlier and have cards (tickets), u cant chose what u want etc random rewards :>
    real after 2 weeks i still got hell a lot of crashes, swiss bugs etc... n/c
    maybe additional rewards so it would be better for new players to actualy try to play it
    @infernal pit
    For now it just helps old players to collect 4 copies of shiny cards and nothing else (or missing kind of 1 card but its really rare even if i dont have a lot of cards)
    too much randomness (i saw in 1 or 2 days same card twice... i think tainted orc was 3 times in 1 week lately ) make it more useful plz

    A lot of underpowered heroes which was bad before are still bad and nothing is done (just nerfing strongest one isnt going make this game better)
    A lot of underpowered cards which was bad before are still bad ...

    I think there should be new mode tournament (swiss like but more complicated rules like 2 fights vs eachother, 2 decks with 2 groups then final) with bigger rewards for veterans (or just limited tournamets by ingame lvl) to make game less boring in long run

    There should be some stream events implemented to attract more players / more talks about mmdoc (like matrix one )

    i will add more comments in the evening i guess
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    card pool now become bigger...its not enough now for 1card/8hour & make payoff for pit more fair...20 rare/epic for 1 epic card in pit its too much for us..
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