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    The Division for PC - Show Ubisoft we care! WE DID IT!!!

    Lets show Ubisoft how many of us that would love to see this amazing game on PC.
    Leave a vote above to show you care!

    Also, you're very welcome to sign this petition to show you're interest in The Division for PC!

    EDIT 2:
    The Division has been confirmed for PC!

    Thank you all for your support in getting our message through to Ubisoft!
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    The Division is the most stunning game I have seen so far in my life. When I got to know that it will probably not be released on PC, I almost started crying.

    PC is likely to be the most important platform of all. I am not here to say consoles are bad. There are those, who just want to play games, so consoles are obviously a great choice for them. But then there are those, who actually use their computers for a wide variety of things. PC is a multipurpose platform on which you can do your hobbies, work and even gaming, and I obviously do not wish to spend a huge amount of money on another platform I can only play on, when I already have a PC which has the same (or even better) power and architecture.

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    I so badly want to see this game come out for the PC!!! I love my PS3, and will get a PS4, but honestly, I enjoy playing games like this much better on my PC.. PLEASE!!!
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    Obviously this not any sort of proof. But their other game Crew was supposedly 'console' only and yet the box art shows PC in this small image(the top one is PC)

    ^This is from the Ubi site.

    I'm sure they'll announce the PC version for both the games later, it would be stupid not to.
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    MMORPG is probably one of the most successful genres for PC Gaming. Online play can't be pirated so PC Gamers would need to purchase a copy in order to log into the game world. Why Ubisoft wouldn't capitalize on it is beyond me.

    Still, it's fairly early in development (I assume) and there is still a possibility for a PC version to be announced.
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    If this is figured by any of the powers that be, that this is a hardware seller... they would delay the PC version. I really only want a PC version, but something to consider, Bungie hasn't even stated if Destiny is going to be PC or not. Probably for the same reasons Division won't. Get people pre-ordering on Consoles first so they can get a feel of how many people are buying the hardware. Its a big indicator, especially before the hardware is even out. If you are pre-ordering for the X1 or PS4 it obviously means you plan on buying either system.
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    When you wish upon a star
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    Well, the website of the game has the Uplay logo beside the PS4 and Xbox One logos, so im pretty confident that it will be on PC, just to be announced later, since they need to get some hype for the new consoles.
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    Who would vote no? That's ridiculous.

    I am primarily a PC gamer, but, my brother and a few friends don't have nice enough gaming PCs to run a game like this. So, I guess I'll be getting in on a next-gen console. I'm sure it will come out on PC at a later date, like GTA V will be. Until then, I will get it on a console.
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    we need this on pc.
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