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    Forum Rules

    These forums are for the discussion of Ubisoft games, including advice, feedback and general gameplay talk. We ask that all posts are civil, respectful and constructive – this ensures all visitors can enjoy and benefit from these forums, plus we can more easily collect feedback (be it positive or negative) to pass on to Ubisoft game developers.

    To this end, there are specific forum rules covering the sort of behaviour that is and isn’t acceptable here. While the general guideline of “Treat others as you would wish to be treated” applies, all visitors must also abide by these rules. If you do not do so your post may be moved, locked or deleted, and may also result in a temporary or permanent ban.

    Please also note that when you created an account you agreed to abide by the Ubisoft Terms of Use. This along with the general Rules above need to be followed in order to ensure we continue to have the best communities possible.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Additionally, I'd just like to introduce myself and explain my role as a volunteer moderator on the forums here!

    I'm Cortexian, and I'm a regular player and fan of Ubisoft games. I'm not employed by Ubisoft in any way, however I do volunteer my time to help them out on projects every now and then.

    Right now I'm a volunteer moderator for the Tom Clancy's The Division forums, that means I help keep everyone aligned with the rules posted above while keeping the forums clean, organized, and welcoming to new community members! In the past I've worked with some of the Ubisoft Singapore development team as a Community Leader and then Athena Council member for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms (previously known as Ghost Recon Online). I worked closely with developers and community management folks alike, so I have a decently expanded knowledge of how Ubisoft likes to acquire and integrate fan and player feedback into their games.

    As a forum moderator for The Division, I'd also like to do my best to aggregate your feedback for the developers and pass it along the correct channels whenever I have the opportunity to do so. So please don't hesitate to contact me if you have grievous complaints or helpful suggestions for the developers (or community staff for that matter).

    With all that in mind, please note that I am just a volunteer. Ubisoft doesn't tell me all the super-secret behind-the-scenes details about The Division. For all intents and purposes I don't know any more about the game than my fellow players. What I can do though is help keep the forum nice and clean. If you see a new user that has accidentally created a bunch of posts in a row (multi-posts), someone that made duplicate threads, posted in the wrong section, or broke the forum rules listed above... Let me know! I can send them a friendly reminder to read through the forum rules, or let them know how certain functions on the forum work like the post editing system.

    If you'd like to contact me directly, please send me a Private Message. I'll get an email when you do and should get back to you ASAP.

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