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    AA glitch

    I don't play AA very often so I don't know whether this glitch is new or it has happened before. I faced it the next day after installing 1.06 patch.This glitch looks like that: I steal the artifact, carry it to my base, but I can't score! I'm just standing in my base with the opposing team's artifact but my team doesn't get any points for it. Moreover, it doesn't reset so it's impossible to steal it again during the whole session. It would be nice to hear if anyone has faced it before and why it happens.
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    I remember one time i had crazy lags. I would carry an artifact into a ring, but it wouldnt score for about 2-3 seconds. This is the worst that ever happened to me in AA,

    1.06 patch fixed an artifact assault glitch, so i have a terrible feeling that the fix spawned another glitch. (like it happened with the last patch).
    Let's wait for some more feedback tho. Hopefully it was just lags.
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    Its just lags guys xD Me and Mirage do AA about ...well always xD This happens to us occasionally and its always just due to the connection Lag. Can't really do much about it unless you find another match ^^ Hope that helps!
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    same here
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