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    Joining Friends Is Now Completely Impossible

    Before, when I tried to join a friend's invite, the game would freeze, then put me in their group but we'd both be invisible to eachother. The host could still launch and we could still play together. Now, any invite from any friend temporarily freezes the game like before, but now it kicks me into limited mode every single time. I've tried joining several different friends and got was given the "Ubisoft Services are unavailable" every time.

    This pretty much eliminates me playing any team modes because we all know it's impossible to win with randoms against a prestige clan which is all that the game ever matches up anymore. I've been stuck playing Deathmatch and Wanted because friends/team isn't needed.

    I know for a fact it's not my connection. My NAT is green, my Upload is good, my router and modem are all good. Every other game I play works perfectly fine.

    Can anyone explain why Ubisoft won't let me play with friends anymore?
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    It may actually be your friends that are causing the issue and not you if your settings are correct. Please check here for details about groups:

    If you continue to have this issue please contact Support directly.

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    How would every single one of my friends suddenly be messed up one day and every day after that? That doesn't make any sense.
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    I have been having the exact same problem as has a friend of mine. We cannot join any games without freezing and being thrown into limited mode. We can't make groups. It makes clan play impossible. How can it be 2 people can have the exact same issue, starting on the exact same day with 2 different clusters of friends.
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    And now a second friend has popped up with this trouble
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    had this prob since day one welcome to the corps soldier
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    I've had this issue for about a week now. I've talked to Ubisoft several times now. Today all they told me was the PS Network was undergoing maintenance and kept insisting that was the issue. I tried one of their solutions of configuring ports on my router, but that did not help at all. Pretty much all I like to do is play with my friends or clan, and that has become pretty much impossible now.
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    I also had this problem for quite some time... but for whatever reason it works now.
    It seems pretty random whether you suffer from this bug and I think because of this it's quite hard to identify. One thing I do know is that it has nothing to do with player connection.
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    Originally Posted by alexbentley Go to original post
    It seems pretty random whether you suffer from this bug and I think because of this it's quite hard to identify.
    This is definitely what makes it so confusing. Some people claim they haven't been able to play with friends since the game came out. I claim it started shortly after the Minor Hack patch. It also got progressively worse for me. Before, after the temporary game freeze, I could join their group, but we'd be invisible to each other. Now I just get booted from multiplayer all together.
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    i hope that they fix it in AC4 cuz i couldnt play with my friends since day 1 ._.
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