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    Forge Replay [Replay Manager]

    I was taking a look at the forum today and noticed that some time ago they finally discovered how to make those .replay files to work.

    Well, since i had few minutes at my disposal, i decided to make a Tool to play the replays and manage the whole list with appropriate info related to the encounter.

    So in a couple of hours i made up this tool! (because Why not)
    I made it with Unity! (it's an overkill but again, why not)

    So i present you the Forge Replay!

    [Download link at the bottom of the Page]


    How does it work

    1. First unpack the folder and the exe file somewhere on your PC wherever you want, but just be sure they are coupled together
    2. Run the ForgeReplay.exe file
    3. You will be prompted to access the resolution option and other stuff but you can just press ok (I suggest windowed mode)
    4. Once done you will be prompted to a window:

      On the left side you will have the list of all the replays you currently have saved on your PC.

      You can click on one of them to display the info on the right side like this:

      If you are ok with the replay, just click the Replay button and a window will pop up, and after that immediately will start the game (remember that you need to login first before the client will be able to play your replay)

      You can close the command prompt windows at any time after the client it's fired


    This is a beta build that will mostly work, but there could be some bugs so PLEASE be sure to report them on this thread.

    Currently this will work on Windows OS only at the moment.

    I made this on Windows XP so if you notice that the replay won't run it will be probably because your Replays are stored in a different Folder, so again PLEASE report it here if that's the case.

    I could make this tool with anythingelse other than unity, but since i don't have much time at my disposal, unity let's me develop really quick and debug faster

    I decided to not associate automatically the replay files because that would mean messing things in your registry. That could change in the future though

    Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/?fw8qstct8czlumt

    Enjoy :P
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    sir, nicely done.
    if ubi denies the fact that a proper replay/spectator function is one of the essential things to make a game viable for e-sports (which i doubt more and more that ubi even wants that...) the community has to become active.

    As Martin Luther King Jr. already said:
    "I have a dream that one day ubi will rise up and bring out a true replay function for this game.
    I have a dream that one day on my PC the replays of DoC will be played properly and the DoC owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood and watch replays together."
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    Interesting tool, thanks for the great work
    I was not able to get it to work as described but I'll stick this thread in the hope that others will!

    @Kommutierung: we never denied anything of the sort. Quite the reverse actually!
    The replay system is definitely an amazing feature we want to add into the game! However it's not the top priority for the moment as we prefer to fix bugs and add other smaller, more essential features.
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    Thanks Aza as always.

    If you had problem with it, let me know because i kinda made it "On the fly" so issues are to be expected
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    Updated the replay manager: it seems folder location was in different folders for some people (even with same OS) so i've added a text field where you can point where your GameData folder is

    GameData not Replay folder
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    Originally Posted by Aza404 Go to original post
    However it's not the top priority for the moment as we prefer to fix bugs and add other smaller, more essential features.
    Like a system for acquiring cards ? ^^
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    Updated to version 1.1:

    fixed a bug not regulating the scrollbar properly, resulting in not showing all the replays
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    I think it's not working now.
    when i chose a replay,it gives me a logining windows.
    after i enter the password,it appears an error,‘game version is not up to date. plaease close the game and restart the launcher.'
    i used to watch replay with game.exe.
    but after the last update ,no replay can be played.why?
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    That'a actually weird since i've tested most recent replays and it works for me.

    Could you check where your GameData directory is located?
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    Not working for me, I see the list of replays but when I try to start one nothing happen
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