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    FML recruiting! (PC)

    Hello fellow assassins! FML (f**k my life) is recruting players on PC. For all those who are sick of the multiplayer and yet still play it, who are willing to fail together and yet still got some skills, you should join us. Except you are already in a clan, of course.
    Rules: no guns and osb! we don't wanna play like that.
    Requirements: you gotta have some skills in team modes, such as manhunt ( which we play the most often) and AA (we play it occasionally), and, if possible, some skills in assassinate, but that's ok if you're not good at it.
    For those who would like to join us, add me on uplay (nickname: MaPk0) and we'll see how the things will go ^^
    Members so far: MaPk0 - founder/leader (prestige 21)
    Milos392 - deputee (prestige 14)
    andrejmarkovic - deputee (prestige 8)
    P.S. We are still pretty active since i made the clan like a week ago. Thanks for your attention and good luck ^^
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    Lol funny name xD good luck with the new clan :P
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    Originally Posted by Moi-dix-Mois43 Go to original post
    Lol funny name xD good luck with the new clan :P
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    Anykeyer's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2009
    I like my life so I wont join you
    Also I almost entiirely rely on guns and osb.
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    Nice to see another 'no gun, no osb' clan. Good Luck! :>
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    hello m8 i want to join this clan...and want to do some team work....
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    I'd like to join. Add me: Elebro2011
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