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    Apologies for the double post but Uplay has annoyed me so much that I felt like summing this up in language even greedy idiots can understand: Uplay is the single greatest argument to convince otherwise paying customers to pirate the games we would otherwise pay for.

    Stop being stupid and get this crap out of the way. We just want to play the game.
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    I propose removal of Ubisoft games from Steam instead, Buying Uplay games on Steam is pointless anyway. Each major publisher should have its own platform built around their games and features. At the very least it ensures Im not going to lose all my games when fat Gabe feels like its time to get DDoSed or something. And yes, I actually prefer less bloated Uplay UI to Steam.
    Blizzard is doing great w/o Steam. Bethesda is abandoning them. EA did it ages ago. Ubi should make a move too.
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    No game is worth using UPlay

    UPlay has given me so much hassle with the Far Cry series that I've decided not to bother with Assassins Creed, The Division or The Crew. They look alright, but other developers make games just as good without an invasive bloatware launcher. So many big companies are dying (really, check the stats) and making room for developers who are growing rapidly due to their focus on the game and its community, rather than the profits. (HINT: Happy gamers generate profits faster than any microtransaction nonsense the conmen you've hired are pushing.)

    And really.. 20hours gameplay and then nothing but online? Ubisoft games need to be pirated before they work properly.
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    Hey Jharkwey,

    Could I ask you to be a bit more specific? What sort of hassle has Uplay caused you and is there any particular reason other than that which has caused you to believe Uplay is "bloatware"?
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    This is a conversation I had with customer support in chat..........

    Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Live Support. Please give me a moment to review your case. In the meantime, feel free to add any additional information that may pertain to your issue, and I will be with you shortly. You were contacting us about not being able to connect to Uplay properly for South Park: The Fractured But Whole, correct? its your firewall that is blocking Linux from letting Uplay log me in. I want to play my game that I PAID FOR. 90 dollars 60 for the game and 30 for season pass. I am at a point I don't even want to buy Ubisoft software anymore. Issues like this are unacceptable. Nobody wants Uplay... Uplay only gets in the way. And Uplay will be the downfall of Ubisoft. its very upsetting Stick Of Truth runs on Linux Just fine but TFBW can't because Uplay won't log in it says service unavailble. I'm using Linux shouldn't be an issue to run this on linux all my other steam games for windows works fine on Linux just uplay won't log in my guess is Ubisoft firewall is blocking linux from allowing Uplay through on linux I see, at this time, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is only supported for Windows on PC. what else is new? I'll wait here If your computer does not meet the minumum requirements to play the game, you will not be able to access it properly, I apologize. you go ahead and get it ready now for me to log in on linux its just a firewall come on Windows sucks its the worst OS and the fact that its always supported yet Linux is always passed by and ignored is rediculous START SUPPORTING LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!! more people than you know use it--------geez and its better than windows so get with the program here thank you Your feedback has been marked as a complaint and will be escalated up to the development team. At this time, you will need Windows OS in order to access the game. awsome You're welcome. I hope in the future Linux is supported--at least allow me to login with Uplay--what's the harm in at least that much? Otherwise we do have PlayOnLinux which works fine for all windows games so at least let Uplay work on Linux--at least this much thank you over 300,000,000 people use Linux--and this is 300,000,000 customers you miss out on. Think about it. I have forwarded your feedback up to our development teams however, I would also suggest posting on our forums so that the community can see and perhaps gain traction for Linux. Further than that, customer support has no control over what OS is supported for our games.

    We need support for Linux so I can play South Park Fractured But Whole on Linux. The game will run on Linux.............. but if Uplay won't log me in, it makes me not want to buy Ubisoft software anymore--Uplay gets in the way WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Can you guys please make it so achievements are public and viewable to other people besides me? It makes achievements pointless if only you can see them, and it also prevents third party achievement trackers like Exophase from picking up and displaying them as well. Steam, Origin, Battlenet, Playstation, Microsoft, and even Google Play all allow for this. If not then at least include the Steam achivements to the games from Uplay so that way they are actually worth achieving.
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    I like ubisoft games and i don't want to miss out any of them but Uplay accepts International Card for payment which is tough for us to manage at an early age and Most of our parents don't want to give us money from theirs so we save them and buy it from stores. I would like to suggest that Uplay should introduce Some kind of wallet system like PSN,Steam wallet which is easy to purchase in our country from a third party and i would love to buy from Uplay if these wallet are introduced because it will be lot easier for us to purchase games directly from UPLAY
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    Please, please, please allow us to fine-tune the download bandwidth in more detail in the settings. Right now it's either MAX < 25 MB/s < 10 MB/s < 5 MB/s. Quite a big gap between 25 & 10. If UPLAY is using 25 or MAX, it sucks out the bandwidth of every single device in my network. I can't even open a single web page in the browser. I am forced to push it down to 10 MB/s because of this. There is no way to set it to say 20 mb/s which would be enough.

    Let us either control it with 5 mb/s margins or just add a field where we can punch in the number ourselves.

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    disable automatic launch after updating a game on pc

    I would like to suggest a fix or feature: allow the user to disable the automatic launch after a game update on pc.

    with the new update coming on R6S, as everyone else I had to update, however this is the second time the game launch right after being "Playable". This is a problem since people could be playing something else while waiting and get interrupted. It just happened to me, I had to wait for all loadings to be done before closing the game and continue whatever I was doing.

    Users could have a box to click in the general settings for autoplay.

    In hope this will get noticed by the uplay dev team
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