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    Good initiative.

    2 for Dhamiria? IMO she is one of the best heroes and she will see the most play out of new ones. Easy 4.0.

    Her power comes from being able to secure late game with Earth magic. Unlike Kal-Azar, she doesnt need 6 magic to do that. She can control the board and she can control the hand of your opponent (without using fortunes), which might be against reason. (A hero isnt supposed to master two distinct areas).
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    yeah, i could easily be wrong on her. But you'll see that I did of course note the power of the spell school combination, my question is - what do you actually do once you have got board control? Maybe the answer is to play spiders and combo out, and perhaps the earth/fire combination can make that viable but inferno doesn't really have a way to close out the game outside of creatures damage, and their creatures aren't strong enough to live through earth magic AOE (unlike necropolis). And you NEED a way to quickly end things in this game, because card draw is so good (too good I would suggest) that all board control is temporary. It's only a matter of time until your opponent re-draws into threats, and you only have 4 insect swarms in your deck. This isn't like MTG where you wipe the board and your opponent is hellbent and drawing only one card per turn, which has a 1/3 chance of being a blank land. They're drawing 2 cards a turn and (almost) all of them are action.

    Also, her hand ability just seems like junk to me. By the time you hit 6 resources, what exactly are you worried that your opponent is sandbagging? This isn't like MTG where people might not hit their land drops on time which means their late game bombs might be sitting uncastable in their hand. By the time you have 6 resources, your opponent will have had the opportunity to play out every card that was in their opening hand. Except for combo decks (if they still exist), it's really hard to see how taking out a card by that point of the game is better than you drawing an extra one. I could be wrong of course .
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    Some decks will try to out-control her and will allow her to become beatdown sooner or later. This is the perfect time to use her ability. (Think of gimmicky decks like Nergal OTK currently)

    Some decks will try to rush her down. This is the perfect time to wipe the board.

    So you see, she has options. More than most heroes.

    On a different point, I, too, am not a big fan of 2 card draw per turn in the game. This is why Void Arbiter will be used a lot by me, I assure you.
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    Yeah it took me a while to put my finger on it, but the 2x draw is probably the second weakest feature of the game (behind the resource 'system'). It drastically reduces the skill cap.
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    I'm sad because.. you also have similar to mine opinion about new "powerful" Haven creatures with 1 attack..
    I would like to use Priests, but why nobody was using "epic" Eleonore?.. Health points..
    I like Flyer Guards but well.. it works only against meta Necro.. So 2x in deck should be enough.
    Rest units, no comments.. I don't won't to start comparing them to other's factions base set/Herald units..
    Well after nerf of all playable Haven heroes, probably only reta deck will be playable.
    In the other hand it's hard to say without tests. Maybe using fire buffs with magic deck can also works fine?
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    Really interesting to read, some points I agree, others I disagree... But I need to answer to this :

    Originally Posted by Psychobabble.au Go to original post
    Fire, though, is completely unexpected and indicates that Ubisoft no longer sees spell schools as linked to particular factions anymore (which I have to admit is slightly disappointing from a flavour perspective and has lead to what I would suggest are some questionable design decisions).


    Moving to spell schools, we again see the breakdown of the concept of faction-alignment of spell schools as she has access to both fire and earth. Earth magic on an inferno hero makes zero flavour sense to me, and just seems completely random, but it does make for a pretty good combination for a controlling spell deck with both spell schools having a good variety of direct damage AOE spells.


    And again with the faction-breaking spell school combination, this time it's dark and fire. Again, I feel like the developers have just randomly given these heroes fire magic as incidental hate against DA, but it's still nice to have.


    Also, of course, he has a normal (earth) and a very abnormal (light) spell school, and again I find the bizzare flavour-break here somewhat off putting. However, it's a really good combination of spell schools and one that is completely unique in the game to date. B


    Noburu has another unique and flavour-destroying spell school combination, with access to light and dark magic (seriously guys? i know flavour isn't everything, but this is just bizzare).
    Why do you think that these school combinations are flavour-destroying ?
    Because these heroes don't have the exact same spell schools as the other heroes of their respective factions ?

    So Sandalphon who cannot access to Light should be flavour-breaking since the beginning of the Open Beta... As is Belias (he doesn't have Fire).
    And what about Nergal and Darkness or Kelthor and Earth ?

    The fact is, you don't understand how the schools are distributed among the factions.
    Each Faction has one favored school in game. This school, you should find on most heroes but no all as it is not an obligation to know this one.
    Then you have a forbidden school... This school, you'll never see it on a heros of the faction
    You have for the existing factions in game :

    • Haven > Darkness forbidden
    • Necro > Light forbidden
    • Inferno > Light forbidden
    • Sanctuary > Fire forbidden
    • Bastion > Prime forbidden

    The other schools, some heroes learn them, some other don't, they are more or less common in a given faction (lore wise) and so you can potentially see them on any heros of the faction.
    Haven can use Fire as Water or Earth (yes, new possbilities) or Bastion Fire as Light (not too common lore wise but possible) or Dakness...

    For the heroes of the new extension, they are all strongly rooted in their factions by having the main school of each (excepted Noboru) and a school never seen before but allowed by their faction. Noboru is an exception justified by the fact that Light is really common in Sanctuary and that he's "a seeker of the eternal flow, as is shown through his spell schools: Light and Darkness dual forces when seen through the prism of the Water and the perpetual cycle", cf. Sandalphon for a similar case.
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    I had sent a Q&A to Erwan LeBreton and according to him every race can technically use every kind of magic. There are of course some limitations but they usually revolve around lore, religion and of course practicality. HC is down atm but if you want I could send you a link to the Q&A topic.
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    Originally Posted by Elementalist. Go to original post
    I had sent a Q&A to Erwan LeBreton and according to him every race can technically use every kind of magic. There are of course some limitations but they usually revolve around lore, religion and of course practicality. HC is down atm but if you want I could send you a link to the Q&A topic.
    Yeah, I had linked your Q&A before...

    Originally Posted by Shambell Go to original post
    Orcs are not "children of Asha" and so don't have access to magic the normal way...(think Artificial Creation with Demon Blood). they can potentially cast all the schools but have some specificities.
    They hate Prime (Order and Chaos). And if an orc finally learn Prime(Order) magic (rare event), he'll be shunned by traditional orc society and couldn't be Stronghold heros. The same with Prime(Chaos) magic, cope out with Demons, never.
    And Light is ambivalent to orcs... It could heal them or harm so its not the most widespread school but could still be learn.
    By the way Darkness and Light are elements like the 4 others (but perhaps more antagonist than the others).

    Edit: Elementalist./Elvin posted some interesting info about this here...(scroll down a little)
    From what I gathered from the devs, It's transcribed in-game and today by the system I described before : a favored school (one of the most common lore wise), a forbidden school and the others.

    By the way, you do an excellent work for the community. Thanks a lot.
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    Appreciated The reason I had asked him was because of doc actually.
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    Originally Posted by hydramarine Go to original post
    Good initiative.

    2 for Dhamiria? IMO she is one of the best heroes and she will see the most play out of new ones. Easy 4.0.
    Thank you for that. That's what I was going to post.

    Combo wise I see mass grave and altar of destruction as the best card to play for altar of wishes. (Just throwing that out there)
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