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    Call of Juarez Gunslinger..next project suggestion

    hi all
    how u doin

    i never liked Call of Juarez..donno why..just played the new arcade Call of Juarez Gunslinger
    this game is the best i've ever played in 2013..i felt sick and sad i finished it in 5 hours
    but never played any previews ones..but today i finished Bound in Blood for first time
    and yea i played it sooo late after Gunslinger ..i c many difference in game engine

    i really hope Ubisoft learn from Gunslinger and make full long story game with same engine from Gunslinger
    also the speed and buttons r better then previews game alot...make it longer this time and add some new
    stuff like u did in Bound in Blood like cover and shoot and shoot many ppl at once..

    i hope at least add some DLC's for the arcade ..really loved it..make new great story and add
    some chicks like u did in the art story scenes in Gunslinger..like them allot

    sorry for my English..

    thank u..any suggest for them guys?
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    Thank you for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it
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    for next project hope u guys add horses and more adventures style like COJ BIB ..and plz
    make some horses chase ..like chasing trains and stuff like Red Dead Redamption..im sure u can
    make great game..also u can make a small story COJ game with comics cartoony style gameplay
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    Yes, horses have to be in the next game. The horse-stagecoach chase in the first CoJ was really nice, it would be cool to have something like that again. Also more weapons. Maybe they could "recreate" some famous dead western-actors, like John Wayne, Lee van Cleef, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Klaus Kinski, Richard Widmark, Robert Mitchum, Walter Brennan, James Coborn, Lee Marvin etc. The story could be centered around Billy, one of the two playable character in the first game.
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    I reckon they should make a comic-book styled (like gunslinger) open-world western. I loved seeing the historical figures such as Billy The Kid, but I would like to explore histrorical locations as well. I think open-world is being over done, but that is the perfect direction for COJ to go (Ubisoft, keep the comic book art design, PLEASE!).

    I agree with every other idea on this forum, (I think having a recreation of John Wayne would be pretty cool) however I think they should do a new story. Not about the McCall's, or Billy The Kid or Silas Greeves a new story.

    Also more history!
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