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    XBOX ONE and Assassins Creed Titles Digital Downloads

    Ok guys i do have one question or suggestion that prehaps Mr Shade could pass on to the Assassins Creed teams.

    As we all know XBOX ONE is not backwards compatible which means i will not be getting rid of my 360 because there will be occasions i would want to play old Assassins Creed titles.

    I wont lie that i feel slightly let down by this so i though to myself would ubi consider releasing the Assassins Creed franchise on XBOX Market place as digital downloads ?

    I am adament that i am buying the New XBOX because i have been a loyal follower since the first console and my set up at home is all XBOX so there is no reason for me personaly to switch to Playstation because its my preference.

    I would not mind paying to download previous AC games from the XBOX ONE market place becase i know it will not be a wasted investment, is there anyone else on here who has decided to go with XBOX ONE and if so would you be prepared to download these titles from the market place if that means you have the luxury of going back and fourth to your favorite AC titles.

    Shade any word on this ?
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    Uhhh.... is the new Xbox using the same architecture as the old Xbox?
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    If Microsoft haven't confirmed a digital store for 360 games yet, then it doesn't exist, yet. Im just glad that Sony are allowing us to download PS1 - PS3 games again. Simpsons Hit and Run here I come!
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    I think the reason the Xbox One is not compatible, due to the many changes, GPU / OS etc

    It's completely new hardware AND software - so digital downloads of the games, simply wouldn't work..

    IF it's a possibility = then we wouldn't be able to say anything about it, until it's confirmed by MS - sorry..

    Same as the PS4 - the hardware is VERY different, however Sony appear to have a streaming service, where you play the game on the cloud, rather than the console - much like Onlive [google it] - MS have not said anything about that, so again, I can't comment.

    Both options - depend on MS - not - Ubisoft, sorry.
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