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    Laundry list of glitches

    Love the game. Wish it would stop crashing long enough to finish a mission.

    I can't beat "Dam Buster" because it crashes at irregular places, blue screens my system, and usually restarts. Reboot it and it starts me back at the beginning as the Doctor is giving me the location of the C4000 and it doesn't matter how much of the mission I have completed(killed the dragon and guarding the engineer). If I die instead of crash I restart at a checkpoint further along.

    Also, I can't fullscreen it. It boots in windowed mode and using the in-game settings to switch it to fullscreen causes it to stop displaying anything at all, although the music is still playing. An alt-tab eventually returns to windowed mode in which the mouse will only move half-way across the screen(won't go all the way right) forcing me to exit and reboot. So far all my play time is in 1080p windowed mode.

    In "Dam Buster" there is a predictable graphics glitch(pixellated black blob) going up a set of stars just before the introduction of the flame unit.

    Steam copy
    Phenom II x4 960t
    Asus M4a89gtd pro
    windows 7 ult
    Gigabyte gtx 660ti (just downloaded and installed the current driver this morning)
    Samsung 1080p tv running through an hdmi cable(not using hdmi audio)
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    Here's a good one.

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    Originally Posted by AlmightyBub Go to original post
    Here's a good one.

    AHAHAH! Yeah. I know that feeling.

    It's wicked awesome not being able to play a game that I preordered and waiting weeks for a patch which may never come!
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    If you are still having issues please submit a Support ticket along with the Dxdiag and Msinfo so we can look into this further. In the meantime, please try shutting down any unnecessary background as well as any other programs that may use an overlay system. Once the ticket is submitted please PM the ticket number so I can take a look into the information provided.
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