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    Shades of Darkness - Dungeon Balance suggestions - Ubi&Virtious, please read this!

    Hi! First of all, I love the expansion. Thank you very much for the fun its giving me daily. I have been playing it more then I should Life commitments and all..

    My experience is very pleasant now. I do have occasional crashes, but they are very rare. So, to the point.

    Now, after playing lots of Duels as Dungeon either Might and Magic:

    1. Might relies too much on Chakhram Dancers who are glass canons. If you do decide to park your army and turtle, they wont save you and you will get annihilated. I suggest upping damage of Minotaurs to counter this, read point 11.
    2. Might: Soul Mark is underpowered in its current state. Make it +50% dark damage till the end of a combat.
    3. Find weakness is underpowered, -15 defense only lasts a turn or two. Make it last for 4 turns or give bigger bonus
    4. Trickster is pretty good, but the initiative bonus is too small.
    5. Distraction is good, but being only 2 point structure it is not viable against large units, plus still does not help against turtling marksmen.
    6. Might: Tears is a better class. With might blood its almost impossible to win against skilled player as your army dies as flies.
    7. Magic: Blood is very good. IMO, only viable Dungeon class in Duels. Agony + shadow implosion.
    8. In above, only case when I CAN NEVER WIN is against skilled Haven might. Celestial immunity is over the top imo, plus Glories blindness is still bugged. Make some debuffs such as Harrowing Vision still castable on them, or reduce their damage.
    9. Magic:Fog Veil is underpowered, should last longer or whole battle as Acid spell.
    10. Magic: Stalking shade is underpowered. Should either have some attack, or if go fully inline with tears, make adjacent creatures unable to attack at all, -30% damage is too measly.
    11. Minos are weak. Their damage is pitiful, as is their movement and bonuses. I suggest increasing their damage and cost.
    12. Scorpicores are good, small buff to Might defense would help however.
    13. Black dragons. 20% chance to comatose enemy creatures is too small, considering that this passive does not work on number of creatures, from Demented, to Pitlords, etc. Make them stronger and cost more overall, they are too weak.

    And my main complaint:

    INVISIBLE STACKS ATTACKING WHEN SOMEONE GET CLOSE SHOULD NOT INCUR RETALIATION. With counterstike 3, its just too sad to watch my Shades suicide in front of Kirins.

    Please read this. The above are only my suggestion as someone who played a lot of duels as Dungeon and against Dungeon.

    Race is overall very very fun, but the racial is not as powerful as say, Haven ressurection on lvl4. I understand that this racial is much more beneficial to have in a normal game, not a duel. Still, the overall feel of a Dungeon army is weak. Its is not unusual for Sacred Kirins in a duel to kill all minotaurs, scorpicores and shades on its first turn. (heroic charge, cleave, counterstrike 3, Shades never even have a chance to strike)

    Thank you
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    I have no experience in duels vs other players and perhaps you may have hit on part of the issue. (Play balance in player vs player compared to play balance in player vs AI). I am having no issues at all crushing any type of army as the dungeon faction. The fact that nearly every dungeon unit gets some sort of special attack that negates any normal counter attack is huge. Now, you can build a specific leader that will nerf some of the inherent advantages of the dungeon faction, but against other factions, some of the abilities you pick are fairly worthless so to base things on making up a specialized hero and force to deal with a standard dungeon army isn't exactly fair.

    Yes, the dancers are absolutely deadly for a might hero, but the faceless are also deadly with either a straight out attack or their ability to take out the opponents most powerful stack for potentially up to multiple turns.

    It seems to me that in duels or anything else for that matter, who gets to move when is far more important than just about any other consideration.
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    Thank you for your feedback.
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