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    Light + darkness for Sanctuary is odd. For a naga i think it should be water + darkness and you could let light + darkness for a dungeon hero in the future... My two cents.
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    Originally Posted by ioulios Go to original post
    they have change Kieran's passive.....
    Nice catch. Siegfried seems to have more text too.
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    I really hope they provide more stats on players profile. I want highest ELO, win lose ratio - stuff like that.
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    Originally Posted by Aza404 Go to original post
    @Magusofzeal: Very little was shown here. The new expansion will come with a bunch of changes to existing creatures and the new cards will bring in new game mechanics and more variety. What changes are you expecting exactly?
    This question was unnecessary. U remember the community wish list; u summarized for us ? Some of us (I am sure not to be the only one) expect the devs to fix all the points within this list. If DoC dev team fails to do so (because you are understaffed or whatever), blame yourselves for the consequences. If I as a customer have to wait for fundamental features to be implemented in the game at some point people will simply leave.
    This are the most basic rules of any competitive business, the DoC team seems not to be aware of.

    And btw most of the futures u need to make this game enjoyable and viable against other products in the long run dont even require a lot of work neither programming -wise nor regarding the implementation.
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    Originally Posted by mordredrs Go to original post
    Light + darkness for Sanctuary is odd. For a naga i think it should be water + darkness and you could let light + darkness for a dungeon hero in the future... My two cents.
    Why odd ?
    It's not because an element is favored by one faction that all its heroes must have this element.
    Look at Sandalphon or Belias for previous exemples.

    As for your Dungeon wish...
    Each faction has one big forbidden school excepted perhaps for Academy.
    Fire is the forbidden school for Sanctuary.
    Light (the opposite of Darkness) is the forbidden school for Dungeon.
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    All I want is putting a single card in multiple decks. Then I will be beyond happy.
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    Originally Posted by Aza404 Go to original post
    . What changes are you expecting exactly?
    - Dark Assassin changed to 3 power and without the disadvantage (or make the cost 3). DA is imho the most OP card ever, even more than Kieran because it fits in almost every deck that plays creatures.
    - Kieran nerfed, but i guess that might actually become true
    - Put the same card in multiple decks as i just can't imagine it be that hard

    I realize the whole markter/price thing takes a lot more time, so it wouldn't be realistic if it was already out, as you yourself have said.
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    magiuspaulus Dark Assassin is perfectly balanced card !

    It's epic so it's hard to have 3 or 4 of them

    Only if you're playing Siegfrid this card is strong because of 3 HP

    How to kill him with ease :
    Kieran's ability , 1 fireball , sun burst , Kal-Azaar's ability , Namtaru's ability, Nergal's ability , kelthor's ability , ishuma's ability , ethernal winter , AoE spells like earthquake , insect swarm, word of light , Holy Pretorian , creatures with attack anywhere , Incorporeal creatures

    He also deal 1 dmg to hero with each atack - that means , he is quite weak for late game
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    Ok so what I do expect to be changed:

    - Changes to elo such that purposedfully dropping elo in order to be able to win more matches vs newer players isn't a profitable way to farm currency anymore.\

    - Better playtesting team or a revised idea of what rare cards should do, whichever is applicable. It is quite easy to see for veteran card players that quite a few of the rare and epic cards are just so much better than anything else in the game, frequently going into overpowered territory. Now this could be working as intended, but if it is, it should be changed, since it favors short term profit over long term playability. If it wasn't obvious to the design team that quite a few cards are out of bound, you would do well to get some veteran card players in your development team. Not saying they should have full authority, but they can identify potential broken cards a lot quicker.

    - More creative design in general. This may be assuaged by the fact there are actually new releases coming out, but i find the design of a lot of the current (mostly common/uncommon) cards really boring. I mean, I play 4 lamasu in my necro deck. Why? Because they have the best stats for the cards I can get. Lamasu doesn't do anything special, it's a super boring card, yet I feel obligated to include him. And if a creature has an ability, it is usual a rather boring one too that usually comes down to 'deals more damage' or 'prevents damage'. Cards have to be more creative than that.

    - More ways to play. One thing that could really help newer free to play players out is having a game option where only commons and uncommons are allowed (maybe a set number of rares). It's fine if it rewards a little less currency than playing with all the cards, to make sure not everyone feels like they have to jump over, but having different formats goes a long way to keep players interested. I mean for me currently the only option is to play single ranked games, since my deck is not good enough to compete in tournaments, and at one point that just gets really stale. I understand you guys are working on limited play/drafts becoming a possibility, that would also be a step in the right direction.

    - Easier acquisition of heroes. I understand the need for chase rare cards (although I disagree with the gap currently existing between rares and up and the more common cards, I'm absolutely not saying there shouldn't be valuable rare cards at all). However, heroes should not be among those. They are so crucial to being able to play the deck you want to play, that they should be more easily collected than they are now.

    - Any kind of trade system. I know trading in digital space is hard to accomplish without giving botters a chance, but in the long run the game needs some form of trading or newcomers will have a hard time ctaching up with existing players, and may drop the game quickly for greener pastures.

    I think that was mostly it, i'll edit in more if I think of it. Sorry for the late response Aza!
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