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    Anastasya mana costs bugged?

    I've searched the forum and the internet and can't find anything on this, but in my Necropolis campaign I just noticed on mission 3 that the mana cost for all of Anastasya's dark magic spells are tremendously high. I only noticed this because I finally got another Necro mage, Kaspar, whose dark magic costs are "normal". In my game, Anastasya's mana costs for the following dark magic spells are listed as follows:

    Life drain - 148 (normal 20)
    Mass life drain - 333 (normal 45)
    Summon darkness elemental - 333 (normal 45)
    Terror - 333 (normal 45)
    Puppet master - 333 (45)

    All her other spells schools are at the "normal" cost. Only dark magic seems to be hugely inflated. Is this something in the storyline? Is there something in the game, an artifact perhaps, that causes this inflation legitimately? It seems I can hardly continue on if her dark magic is effectively unusable.

    Anyone ever see or hear of this happening?
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    There is a bug with the dynasty weapons that give mana cost reductions that appears to be causing this since the 2.1 patch. Don't use those (Soulreaver Staff, Thunder Staff, Heartrending Song, Will of Urgash, Staff of the Tides, and Batu's Totem.) Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but for now you shouldn't save and load the game with those dynasty weapons equipped.
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    Ok that explains it I was wondering y my mana costs kept going up in the sanctuary campaign. Was replaying it on hard and got to the end of the second map and said holy crap I can't afford to cast any spells lol.
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    I have the same problem !!!
    In mission 2, my Raelag had very high mana cost
    - life drain - 455
    - agony - 311
    - mass agony - 778
    Mana costs of his other spells was normal
    - regen - 15
    - mass regen - 20 - 30
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    Thanks Grakor, that would explain it. In fact, after loading the game again, the dark magic mana costs increased again! Oh well, I've been winning these missions without much dark magic, so I guess I'll press ahead. I might as well keep the staff and continue to level it since I can't use dark magic now anyway.
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    A game made of bugs,excellent work UBI
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    Can we get an ETA on a fix? This is pretty gamebreaking, IMO.
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    This and the DLC campaigns not properly ending are quite game breaking, and they should have been high-priority fixes. Yet, two weeks later and still nothing. Normally I'm patient and would give these guys the benefit of the doubt, but this really needed to be hotfixed in quickly.
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    Same problem here, mass drain life cost 500+ mana, but some how this bug only affects dark magic, other trees work just fine
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    Originally Posted by Amunra93 Go to original post
    Can we get an ETA on a fix? This is pretty gamebreaking, IMO.
    Yes considering the main feature of the expansion is the Dark Elves, who specialise in DARK spells, it is common sense that a lot of players would try to use dark magic and related artefacts to boost the ability.

    Im very disappointed that despite a 2month delay, an obvious bug like this is not picked up and really DESTROYS the feel of playing.

    I returned to playing H6 with this expansion release after a year, last leaving and remembering all the bugs e.g. gryphon ability bug, and now it seems nothing has changed.

    HOT FIX THIS NOW UBISOFT! Its the main campaign, and we cant even use the faction's specialised abilities!!!!
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