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    [Matrix.disc 2013 Pro Invitational] Current standings of group stage as of 07-05-2013

    Current standings as of 07-05-2013

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    Allow me to mock a little: ALL my games (6 times) I had to go first...

    rules are [insert flowers here]
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    Matrix_Disc - I think we reached the deadline. What are the final results in each group? And what's with players who are tied with points?
    Some of the streams from some groups duels were available to see already. I think it would be fair if replays from alll group duels would be available to us all before the next stage begins.

    Also - what are the rules for the next stage of Tournament?
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    Single thing - if you are going to do any live announcements on stream Matrix, can you please write it like a day in advance, plese?
    I'd love to watch but I fear without heads up I'd miss it =s

    ooh love the new forum [insert flowers here] meta Toad came up with
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