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    Hi there, just wanted to know why it takes so long for complaints to be answered.
    I didn't think there are that many tickets from the players that are playing. Plus do you have a system on which ticket is of high priority(sp).
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    The support staff are working on tickets from all games, not just this one. At times there can be quite large backlogs and the main support team do not normally respond on weekends. You should get at least an acknowledgement within two working days, but solving a problem or investigating a complaint can take longer.
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    Yes there is more you can do if the ticket take to long or is not corrected under there policies. You may contact you state Consumer protection and as long as you have payed to play they will assist you in correcting the problem. But you must allow them to answer the ticket within an timely fashion. I was told because I have spent money I would be able to file an complaint through them. I have found myself having the same problems. Good luck on yours and I hope it gets resolved.

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    I'm the only GM in North America.
    I'm not here every day.
    I do work on the weekends when the majority of tickets come in.

    Complaint tickets take time to go through. I need to check out game mails, etc.
    I apologize for things taking time.

    Oldest tickets are answered first.
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    I do understand that there are alot of tickets to go through. I'm just curious about the process, i have a ticket that i put in a few days ago. But i do understand that there are a lot of tickets and they do need to be looked at carefully.
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