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    will 2.1 be available for users who have not yet bought the expansion and are playing on gold for example?
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    Still nothing...
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    WTF 17.30!!!! for **** sake!! late afterafter noon it is now!! payed for a game want to play it f the patch!
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    pff evening already ffs, were is the ****ing patch and were is SoD, could atleast let us download the damn game...
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    yeah true, not here to flame but thats a joke..first its postphoned like 2weeks before release in february for more than 2months and even then on the last day there are serious problems?like noone can tell me this was expected from them for the release..actually I hope so,if it was then I would be speechless.
    Obv. alot of onlinebound games have day1 patches,probably most do, but at least they open up at 0.00 midnight and usually it works after a very short period unless its an AAA title which obviously doesnt have the capacity to handle millions of People in a short timeframe, but that aint the case here, hell you cant even buy it yet on Steam and its 18.00 in Mideurope!
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    Originally Posted by Ubi_Irina Go to original post
    Yes, you need to unistall Heroes 6 to install Shades of darkness or Complete Edition.

    Please tell me thats not the case that you committed some sort of mistake

    Why the hell would i need to uninstall Vanilla in order to play SoD, if SoD is a STANDALONE PRODUCT?

    Does that apply to steam version as well?
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    was wondering the same JKRevan, but its pretty clear to me that you have to uninstall H6 for whatever reason. I would assume tho its not the case with Steam.
    Or let me correct my statement, is it a real game on Steam(I own it directly,not on Steam), or is it basically just "added" to steam which you can do with alot of games.
    Basically if you start H6 in STeam and Uplay starts afterwards you almost definately have to uninstall it there aswell Id guess,if not then not.
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    well if u bought H6 from ubisoft (digital copy) it still don't work even if u uninstall the game.. still dosen't show up any SoD game on "games" on uplay... so why should ppl even bother to uninstall H6 when SoD is standalone?! i'd say ********..
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    They probably having a party, since it looks like they have runaway with our money.

    Ubi shame on you. And why the silent treatment again. If there is something wrong just tell us. Leaving us in the dark waiting is only making things worse. And this could have been your redamtion.

    Anyway i still do hope the patch and expansion make up for everything. Even tho i dont have a lot of time anymore (yes i do have other plans then waiting for something that is not comming).

    Ubi this is your last chance to make it right. Or you wil lose costumers. And i will be 1 of them. If it comes that far (and yes i already have said this a couple of times) i wont be buying any Ubisoft games anymore. Even tho i love some of these games. Like PoP and Settlers (and ofcours Might and Magic series).
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    +1 me to
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