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    Hi, I have Shades of Darkness retail standalone. I have updated to patch 2.1. This has not however fixed the issue I have playing the tutorial campaign.

    An Orc dwelling cannot be entered. It just keeps saying this dwelling has already been converted. Hence I am unable to bolster up my army and cannot continue the campaign. This happens whether or not I convert.

    Any ideas?
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    The brightness is gone

    Originally Posted by Eduardofortal30 Go to original post
    Good Afternoon,

    I bought the game a few days and I'm having a terrible difficulty: Every time I enter the campaign SHADOW OF THE DARKNES or put any of ELVES DARKS to my computer screen is dark, my version is already 2.1 FULL would appreciate some help regarding this issue since I bought the full version to play and not just looking to stay. Thank you.

    att Eduardo Castro
    I have the same issue. Whenever I start a game (single player, multiplayer, hotseat or camapign) that has SoD content in it, after a while, sometimes immediately, the intire screen goes dark. Not black, dark. al the brightness is gone, figuatively and quite litteratly. I severely wish it would be fixed, but alas, barely a month or so after the release of SoD ubisoft pulled the plug out of online support for this game. "Abandon ship!", that's what it sounds/looks like, all in favor of a mediocre dungeoncrawler, hurray....
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    Black screen

    Posted on the "black screen" thread also:

    Am running 2.1.1 patch on Win 8.1 64- bit, GT-610 system which I installed following repeated "black screen" on entering combat, requiring game shutdown to take ANY action !
    Since installation of updates "black screen" on second combat !!


    Turns out I paid for this game which is effectively unplayable, and being the "complete edition" also lacks the the codes to unlock content supposedly included. WTF!!
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    Hi Guys, if you have a technical issue please ensure you contact Support https://support.ubi.com
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    DLC Pack

    zakoupil jsem si DLC PACK a aktualizoval jsem co šlo .....I stáhl pack...... Ale když spustím souboj, tak je černá obrazovka a jen obrysy postav a čverců....přitom Heroes6 mi normálně běží....děkuji za odpověd
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    download doesn't work! keeps showing 0,0 of 2,1GB.....
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    oyun açılmıyor

    heroes 6 tam sürümü steam aracılığı ile aldım.. oyunu kurdum ancak açılışta siyah bir ekran geliyor ve o şekilde kalıyor 2,1,1 güncellemesini kurmaya çalıştım oyun bilgisayarınızda kurulu değil diyor bu konuda yardımcı olursanız sevinirim iyi çalışmalar dilerim..
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    Still selling Heros VI

    I don't understand why Ubisolft is still selling a product that is unplayable, going dark. I fell ripped off.
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