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    Patch 1.5.2 and the "Black screen" solution

    Hello Heroes,

    Since the patch 1.5 and the patch 1.5.1 have been released, we have monitored very closely the official and community channels. Your feedback helped us to investigate several issues including bugs, visual problems, saves issues etc. We would like to thank you again for your detailed reports as it helps the dev team to tackle the most annoying issues and solve them much faster!

    We believe that we have a solution for the “black screen” issue. It has been tested on our side and some players have already confirmed that it solved their problem.

    “Black screen” solution: it is possible that if you have two graphic cards in your computer (one speedy and another one less powerful), for some strange reasons, the game could have switched to the less powerful one, unless you forced the driver to use the best graphic card available on your computer in the Nvidia control panel.
    How to switch to the right graphic card driver?

    In the case of laptop machines this is done through the Nvidia driver (it is recommended not to make it a universal setting and use custom settings for each program, in our case Might & Magic Heroes VI.exe). Note that some laptop machines are not equipped with a dedicated video card and in these cases there is nothing that you can do.

    In the case of desktop machines, this should not be present but if it is then there are 2 cases:

    • The machine only has the integrated graphics card, in which case we will have to either fix the bug or remind our users that the integrated solutions are not officially supported (although it does work on them).
    • The machine also has the dedicated card that was disabled by user actions. This has to be done by the user since the steps in activating the integrated video card and disabling the dedicated video card are not something to do every day. In this case, the user should know what to doJ but if they don’t then they need to activate the dedicated card from Windows and then deactivate the integrated card from BIOS settings and then switch the monitor cable from one card to the other.

    => Please, try to switch and keep us posted about how it works!

    On the other hand, I can already inform you what the dev team is working on at the moment: we’ve gathered your feedback and the dev team is working on the patch 1.5.2. This patch will fix many issues you’ve reported. We are aiming at releasing it by the end of the next week. We’ll keep you posted about the list of bugs we are going to fix in the coming days. Please, keep reporting issues as your reports are very valuable for us!

    Kind regards,

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    This is what we called "support"
    Glad you are making progress with releasing patches. Your response time for game problems is really impressive

    See you with next patches :P
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    Very good support and timing.Thank you Might&Magic team :P.
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    It's indeed good to "hear" something from you and to know that you are working on fixing the game. There are still many bugs, some minor, but some pretty big.
    I know that there is a bug report thread, but since this one is about 1.5.2, I'm going to write the bugs I found that I remember now...

    - Altar of servitude not working at all!!!
    - Despair giving + morale!
    - Shortcuts for spells/skills in the combat screen get messed up. For example, there was a case that I had placed a shortcut for that skill that makes the unit only do the max damage for 2/3 turns (can't remember the name) and sometimes when I was to select it, it gave the tooltip for the factions ability (orcs one, in this case) and it didn't work.
    - Also shortcuts on the adventure screen also sometimes don't work. I noticed it with basic town portal.
    - Irina's heroic strike doesn't show animation.
    - The morale skill that increseas morale, luck and might damage, also increases damage for units that do magic damage and not might. Also, not a big problem, but when casting the skill, there should also show an icon for + xx% increased damage. I don't think its a case of there being a limit on icons showing, because for example for the Sanctuary faction skill, on level 2 it gives + might defense, + magic defense and + health and it shows the icons for those 3 things...
    - There is a kind of strange white lines on the bottom and right borders of the screen and they weren't appearing before 1.5.1, even on 1.5. (I kind of forget about them after a while, but still... it's a bug).

    That's all I can remember for now...

    Keep the good work coming and get Heroes VI fixed!
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    I'm just hoping someone is looking at the save game issues. That, not the bugs, is making the game unplayable for me at the moment.
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    It works! Thank you Irina, I have switched card, and now game is playable.
    Game looks like this:

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    I have some problem. When i start a game there are a black screen for 5 sec. and i'm out to Windows. Can you help me? Please. Sorry for my English
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    I'm sold

    UBI... Great Job on the town screens! I bought the game as soon as I saw the screen shots and played before the 1.5 patch. They look so great that I got two of my friends to buy so we can play! Great job following up on your customer's requests. Now maybe a random map generator....
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    Originally Posted by Timmetie Go to original post
    I'm just hoping someone is looking at the save game issues. That, not the bugs, is making the game unplayable for me at the moment.
    For now, turn cloud sync off and you should find all your old missing saves. This is indeed a big issue with uPlay, but not a crippling one as we have found ways to work around it. Someone who doesn't know to turn off cloud sync though, it would be unplayable for them, and that isn't fair... I'm sure they will fix it in time, but for now, that should fix your problem with missing saved games.

    And thank you Irina for the update! I'm glad someone is looking out for us. We really do love the game, and that's why we make such a big stink. Thanks again!
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    Well just for the record, I have the black screen/crash on startup error 2/3 of the time when running the game. I have a Radeon HD 5800 series card, Windows 7 64-bit is the OS. No dual cards here.
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