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    Galacticuss or whatever your name is. It shouldnt have to be 18+ and most adults cant handle this much swearing. Also they have added way too many swear words. I go out all the time and never hear the f-bomb.
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    Originally Posted by RealHawxy Go to original post
    "Mum, I'm 12 now, can I buy Watch_Dogs?"
    "Depends son, what sort of content does it contain?"
    "Um, it's about human trafficking, it contains strong violence, scenes of domestic abuse, implied sexual abuse, sex scenes, nudity, drug use, and swearing. It would be banned in Australia if they didn't have the new R18+ rating."
    "Can you filter the swearing?"
    "Okay! Sure! I'll buy it for you!"

    This ******ed thread in a nutshell. Your religion isn't a valid excuse to ask for a profanity filter, it isn't the developer's fault that your belief system restrains your free will.
    Not necessarily, parents understand that you would go out and rape someone or murder someone in cold blood. However you may say things on accident that they dont like or that isnt really looked well upon by most of the society.

    Originally Posted by RazorBlade185 Go to original post
    I have seldom seen so much hypocrisy in my entire life. The murdering that happens right in front of your eyes is not wrong because it is done by virtual people. They are pure fantasy so there is nothing wrong with that, but if those same virtual people swear then it suddenly becomes real and it should be blocked. Can anybody tell me what the difference is between virtual people that say something that is not real and do something that is not real? Because I have the feeling that if it comes to nudity that suddenly it is no fantasy either, or am I wrong? Would you except it if there is hard core porn in a game? Would you then still say, it is not wrong because these people donít exist and therefore have no real sex in the game just like they donít really murder people. In real life I would rather witness that two people have sex then that I would witness a murder.

    However, despite that I think that it is pure hypocrisy, I am not against it if people have the option to disable certain features. There is however an important condition for that and that it should be paid by the people who want that feature. In other words, extra sales should make enough money to block profanity. We all know that this will be a very expensive feature because most likely it means that a lot of extra voice acting must be done including a lot of real acting for the cut scenes. On the other hand I really doubt if there will be enough people that would generate extra sales. People that donít want profanity usually donít want nudity or sexual content so just filtering swearing might not be enough to let people buy the game. I also notice that the people in this discussion that want to block profanity are new to this forum. Therefore I have the feeling that these people are not the real target audience for Ubisoft. Chances are that the anti-profanity people are just against profanity and will not buy the game anyway. If they say however that they will not buy the game anyway but do demand that the profanity will be blocked then of course Ubisoft will not follow their demand. So they say that they will buy the game if a filter is added.

    The only good thing I would see for a filter is that you can make two versions. The mild version and the full vesion. This could also mean that the full version can include more than now in a normal version. Ubisoft knows that they will lose customers if they go overboard with sexual content and profanity because children will not get the game from their parents. This while they donít lose sales if they have two versions. The kids will still get the censored version while the adults can get a real nasty version with lots of adult content. And of course the kids will try to get the full version as well.
    I believe it would be a payed addition or DLC so that nasty people can do/watch nasty things but some people love the concept of this game but hate just how much awful stuff is in this.

    Originally Posted by jeffies04 Go to original post
    I think if Ubisoft really saw this improving their sales figures, they would add it. Time is money in production and I doubt they'd be willing to spend it if on this. I wouldn't use it, but I'm not against the idea for those who want it, but I think this is just the reality. Too much cost for too little gain for the producers.
    Not necessarily some developers will risk the sales because they have an agenda or just dont think about it.
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