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    Some idea's for UBI

    HOMMK has the potential to be a great game, but sadly it has been filled with disappointment after disappointment lately. Is this because of greed, deliberate sabotage or simply due to lack of constructive idea's? Just in case it is the latter I thought I'd start a thread to give ubi some idea's. Some have been mentioned and ignored on the old forums, so I'll mention them again here so they can be ignored again.

    Seals are ok if they don't destroy balance to the game. Most, if not all, online games have micro transactions. This is how developers make their money and justify continual advancement of the game. Sadly UBI has not implemented this system very well on this game. No doubt they are making a lot of money for minimal work as the advancement to this game has been minimal - A few extra heroes and skills here, some minor rule changes there. UBI can still make money by implementing more vanity items.

    Idea's for vanity items :

    1. Design your own hero pic - The beauty of this is they have half of it already made. Just use the existing design your avatar system for designing a hero pic. Add a bit more to it and we'll soon see a wide variety of hero pics in the game. Adds variety to the game and dollars to ubi's pockets without destroying the strategy of the game. They could even make it that a self made hero design receives a +2 bonus to hero att/def/mag (players choice) stats. A slight advantage, but not game breaking and enough to tempt players.

    2. A variety of city designs - Stand out on the map with bigger more elaborate city icon's.

    Other seal items :

    1. Extra heroes - 15 heroes is not enough. So ubi could sell extra hero slots for seals with a max of 20. This allows players to have 1 hero per town plus some att, def and scout heroes.

    I'm sure they could come up with plenty of other idea's too - as could a lot of players.

    PVE Concept :

    DO AWAY WITH BORING FORTS. Tears are good and should add to alliance score but getting them should be an alliance effort. Once end game begins a Dark Elf Temple should appear - 1 for every alliance. The temple could have 10 levels protected by an army and defending hero. The army could be something like 10 x average dom of the owning alliance. That army could grow once every 7 days, but 1/3 losses sustained by any attack on that level from a player should remain. With an army this size and defensive bonus' it would take a number of players attacking it to beat the level and they would sustain losses in doing so. Once all levels are defeated the alliance leader gets a tear to hand out to any player. The tear could earn 10k alliance points per day or something. When the temple is defeated another could then appear and so on. The grails are going to be the big point earners and the quicker an alliance can take down a temple the sooner they start getting the points. I'm sure this could be tweaked a number of different ways.


    PVP :

    Do away with legendary heroes and mercs and vestiges and the artifact shop. Re-work legend skills if you must keep them - less powerful and do not combine strengths. Zero attrition heroes are ridiculous. Make it so players can get legend skills without seals but it costs them 3 skill points.

    Have a PVE element to the server. Random buildings or quests or adventures popping up here and there. Armies could attack from these occurances. No troop rewards from these things or at least very few. Rewards can be rare/special/set artifacts, resources, xp or whatever. Go back to old end game rules. Maybe after 6 grails have ruins spawn 12 squares away from a random grail town. Grail attacks and defenses are the most thrilling part of the game so they should be encouraged.


    These are just some suggestions. I'll add to this as I think of more and other players can feel free to add to it too.
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    Originally Posted by Wulfgar1978 Go to original post
    As long as it was not decidedly more powerful than existing then this could be unlocked by Seals even.

    The main thing is that there must be a limit to the power that can be bought by seals. Otherwise people just leave.
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    I suggest also to include the alliance buildings that ubi was considering at the beginning of s3 especially the central bank where it would be possible that you can ship any excess resources to it. Th merchant chief would be in control of it, the merchant chief of the alliance would approve requests made by players to withdraw from this bank. This bank would have unlimited caravans, limitations would include, for players, how many resources they can requested and how many times in a certain period of time they are allowed to request. This bank can be scouted and pillaged where if done successfully can take up to around 1/3 or a similair amount of the resources that are stored and the resources would transfer to the pillager's alliance that makes it so that protecting the bank becomes an alliance effort and also encourages more PvP
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    I have plenty of ideas but I won't bother to write anything unless I see Vorbann's post here stating they read the topic.

    Nevertheless I would really like to see the alliance buildings. My wish is that there is more teamwork and probably these buildings will help. When there is smth to share, a common goal, people get involved and the game becomes much more intresting and amusing.
    For example the first 20 days of my s4 pve were very intresting because we wanted to take control over 10 regional buildings of each type. Eveyrone contributed and the chat was quite hilarious. Now that there is no common goal it is so sadly quiet and we need more than 1.5M points to rank 7.
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