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    Regards after finishing AC III [spoliers]

    I want you all to know that I beat the game on a very low end hardware. I played it on a Toshiba laptop with the following specs: AMD Turion x2 @2.1 GHz, 4 GB DDR2, ATi Radeon HD 3650 512 MB, 256 bit, 17 inch diplay monitor, 320 Gb + 500 Gb HDD. Of course all my settings were on loweste settings, and resolution 1024x768. In Boston and New York I couldn't get more than 15 fps and in Frontier I could get and 20 fps. Aiming the camera down or up when climbing, I had at least 20-25 fps. Beside THe main story misions I did all the Homestead, naval, privateer, Peg Leg and liberation missions, I discovered all the Underground entrances, completed almost 2 sets of each clubs challenges and all of theri missions, hunted more than 500 animals (cca. 200 were only bears). The citizen missions I left them because they were bugged (no objective on mini map even after restarting it several times). I had a total 82% sync and almost 40 hours of gameplay. I liked its freedom, vast open spaces, the story, after the sixth sequence, the ideas behind the liberation and Homestead missions and their variety, even though some of them were boring. It could have been the best of the series and because of this I don't know if I want to play other game from this series. The biggest flaw of this game was the Peg Leg mission The Ghost Ship which was crashing my game and messing up my save games, two times. Luckily, a friend got me through it on his computer and I had a back up of my save games. For me, where left some questions: 1) how dos Haytham knew Connor was his son? 2) Who was the women Juno said to Desmond at the end of AC: Brotherhood he had to find? I don't understand why one of the best mission were exclusively at first, then released as DLC (I have the Freedom Edition).
    My conclusion is: just finish it.

    P.S. After sequence 9 I started to see the game as a Star Wars saga: on of the Jedis (Haytham) turns to the dark side and his lost son, who becomes a Jedi, wants to destroy the Sith order but not before trying to save his fther hoping there's still good left in him. But here he kills his father. I hated that. Somehow I liked more Haytham.
    P.S.S Sorry for the error in the thread name; I can't edit it.
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    Very nice of you to share your thoughts with us . I am surprised you could actually play the game with so low FPS. Good for you nevertheless, since you enjoyed it. AC3 was my favourite as well. Congratulations on hitting 82% sync. The Ghost Ship mission you are referring to was not a flaw, rather your laptop was too weak to display it.
    Extra details about the relationship between Connor and Haytham, you can find in the book "Assassin's Creed Forsaken". From it we learn that Haytham has been visiting the Kanien;kehaka during the first years of Connor's life.
    As to what the "she" is reffering to at the end of ACB... I really do not know... I can only make 1 speculation... AC5 is already in production by Ubisoft Toronto and it is rumored that the next protagonist is going to be female... Perhaps.............
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