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    new internal TAW tourney is starting soon - hurry!

    In few weeks time our second internal TAW tournament of FC3 will start. Four squads of at least 4 players will battle against each other during 6 weeks on Sunday (each team plays other twice), then the grand final starts.

    Each team will be lead my a squadleader.Atm we are picking maps from mapcommunity which are good for 4 vs 4. In our group we have bunch of good mapmakers, so at least half will be TAW maps.

    But if you got any map suggestions (maybe your map?) Let me know!!

    Of course it is no problem to make teams of 5 members. So there is still room for new members to join us. So if you want to experience some teamplay (with mics/teamspeak) and battle with us. You are welcome!

    Just go to the TAW website and fill in the form. We will contact you and setup a short meeting (bootcamp).

    Here we make sure you have right software, inlog for teamspeak and know what to expect.So go to
    www.taw.net and join the FUN. (btw: you dont need to be crack shooter to join us, when you start playing with us you be become it in no time!
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    Short recap on what is TAW:

    Do you want FUN, real TEAMPLAY?

    Or are you a MAPMAKER looking for some buddies to test your map? Or share ideas and knowledge of this?

    Our Far Cry 3 group consists of members of dozen nations of ages 16-50 years old. We all have the same goal; have fun playing a game, with tactics and teamwork.

    We use mics/teamspeak to have good teamwork. We often organise internal tourneys, have scrimms with other clans, organise mapcontests. And we are always looking for new members!! So join the fun and apply on www.taw.net

    TAW is an huge international gaming community (PC), where dozen of games are played by around 1.500 members from all nations and ages (men & women). Far Cry 3 is one of these games. We have two groups atm,:

    1) European battalion (with members from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Estland, South African etc.)
    2) American battalion (with members from USA and Canada)

    You do not have to be a real top shooter to join us. Everybody is welcome, and by playing two times a week (TAW trainings) you will improve rapidly and also gain some friends. The comms are in english.

    So I hope to see you soon and you check out our website!

    Kind regards,
    Sharky (TAW team)
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    There is still room for new members in new Tourney.
    Go to www.taw.net and click on right upper corner "join now! TAW" and put in your future TAW name etc.

    Join the fun!
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    I can't wait for it =)
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    Tourney will start soon. All maps for tourney are picked .. also made four squads.
    Only need to select the four squadleaders who will lead their teams in this tourney. Skill needed for this job: leadership, teamplayer and some enthusiasm to make it a blast.

    But you can still join our tourney. Because there is always group of RFD's to help out. So when you join us now, you can still participate in our tourney!!
    Hurry because we start on Sunday (so 1,5 week)
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    Start of tournament is next Sunday April 28th for 7 weeks in a row.
    There are still spots left for new members (RFD) ...

    First maps in tourney are:

    and TAW_Dust2

    The first game will have specific weapon restrictions.
    squad 1 will fight squad 2, and squad 3 vs 4

    Will be fun ... so join us on www.taw.net
    You are all welcome (any nation, any skill level ! and age >14)
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