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    ruin in s4

    i send a mail to dev team but no reply. so i post here.

    it is said a ruin will appear 8 units from a grail. so what will happen if there is no free place near a grail within 8 or even longer distance? for example, all places are occupied by cities, or trees or portals?

    anyone knows?

    ps i must say the new forum is really really ugly... the old one is better
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    really good question - we can start to build portals at all such places - we already played against an alliance that build a wall of portal ruins at the border
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    @AndreanDW, i do like the great wall of the portals, it is helpful, and will be interesting for s4. i guess it will cause some trouble to the mechanism of ruins in the future.
    @lastwarrior, the nearest place can be 10 or 12 or even further if the alliance is reach enough.... you must halt even with legendary career and battle cry
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    The tough thing is you have to do that wall of portals for each new player that will build a grail. A given player can only build a grail in one round. Sounds expensive to me! Maybe if you're clever, you can build your grail cities in such a way as to re-use as many portals as possible. :-)
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    um all to push a halt out by 1 or 2 squares and not knowing which ruin the person is going to come out of....all these 'fiddles' to get around the game mechanisms dont make it any easier for the devs.
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