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    this long for a patch? i want my money back!

    i play league of legends and they patch the game every 1-2 weeks, or even more if needed
    its been MONTHS! since we are waiting for this ''patch''
    i just want my money back for this unfinished game
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    I'm starting to doubt there's a patch at all. UBI works on the new games (of course) but just doesn't care about ZombiU. This patch would bring no money.
    Can't we just sue them for releasing a full-priced beta? A defective product?
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    Class Action?
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    Sounds good. Would also make an example for other companies not to release unfinished, buggy games. Like it's common nowadays.
    How do we make it public, how do we start?
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    I send them a letter yesterday with the same message.

    I Gave Ubisoft until 15 april to prove us otherwise. If not i wrote i will see if there are other people who have the same problem and i will do anything to serve them justice.
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    Anyone from the Netherlands? If so, contact me info@wabv.nl
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    Horrible feeling being stuck unable to complete the game. Money back doesn't seem like a bad idea considering I can't progress.
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    According to a reply from Ubisoft that I got earlier, the patch is scheduled to be released in late March or early April. So it should be done within a week or 2.
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    March or April of which year? I don't believe any of this.
    If it's true, they better excuse and make some free DLC for us.
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    Hi guys, a patch is coming. It is in the later stages of testing at the moment.

    I will update you when I know more.
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