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    New to the game? Read this!

    Dear Champions,

    If you've just arrived on Duel of Champions (aka DoC), first of all, Welcome!

    ...and congratulations for starting on this amazing adventure with us

    Here are a few basic tips you should know when starting off in the game!
    Feel free to add your own in the comments and suggest more basic tips I should add to this post.

    Great guide here from Robvalue: >>Click<<

    1/ How to build a deck?

    A deck is composed of 59 cards : 1 hero, 8 events and 50 other cards (creatures, spells or fortunes depending on your preference).

    A good guide when starting off in DoC is to have more creatures than spells or fortunes in your deck until you know how different cards work.
    Bigger, more costly cards aren't always better: having lots of small creatures can help you get an early and decisive advantage over your opponent. choose your cards wisely!

    About the hero and faction:
    When you start of, you have the choice between 3 factions. Every faction has different heroes and one hero can only use cards for his faction and/or neutral cards.
    A hero can only use spells of the same magic school as those he can control.

    There are many different types of decks and strategies. Once you think you have understood how most the cards work, try checking out some of the decks in the Post your Deck sub-forum (here).

    2/ What to buy in the shop?

    This will vary according to most people's preference, but here is possibly the easiest way for starting off in the game.
    Do the tutorial then finish the campaign! This will give you a good amount of starting gold and seals. Go and do a few duels against other players to get to the next level, and, once you have enough seals buy the Box (or the Serious Box if you can).
    This will give you loads of cards and should enable you to start getting a better rank.

    Only buy Heroic Packs if you think you have enough creatures: if you buy a Heroic Pack too soon, you could get a hero from a different faction that you can't use yet as you don't have enough cards of that faction.
    Only buy consumables (xp and gold boosts) if you know what you are doing. Buying Swiss tournament tickets early on may also be counter-productive.

    Again, you can choose to ignore this and buy other things in the shop... this is just, in my opinion, the best way of doing things if you are new to the game.

    3/ What are the game modes?

    When you click "Play" in the game, the first window that opens is the classic Duel mode: you will be paired up against other players of your level for straight forward duels. This is where you will get your constant flow of gold and experience points.

    The Tournaments window will let you do 2 things: Jackpot Tournaments one day and Swiss Tournaments the next.
    The Jackpot version will allow you to fight against other players one by one: you start off with 0 points and gradually work your way up if you can. You gain less gold per duel as it's put into a global Jackpot. The higher up the ladder you go, the higher the percentage of the jackpot you earn at the end of the day!
    The Swiss version will allow you to enter an 8 player group. You will then do 3 duels and the best 2 players will get a nice prize. To enter a Swiss tournament you need Tickets that can be bought in the shop.

    In general, I would advise you NOT to enter tournaments until you feel confident you know the game well, as you may face some very experienced and much stronger players!

    4/ What is the Infernal Pit?

    The Infernal Pit is and option where you can burn cards for gold and a small chance to win the special card on offer at that moment. The cards you burn will be gone forever (or until you find new ones in packs)... so don't rush into this.
    The special card on offer changes randomly every 8 hours.

    This option is only available after level 5!

    5/ Where to get more information?

    Well, you're in the right place... This forum is a real goldmine of information!
    Make sure you use the "Search" option and I'm sure you'll find all the tips and answers you need

    Here are some links to other places of forum threads that would be of interest:
    The Facebook page and Twitter feed
    The Important links Thread (really excellent!)
    The first English fansite (with a great chat ==> don't hesitate to come here to ask other players questions)

    Don't hesitate to post your own tips and suggestions for new players below and good luck in Duel of Champions

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    Gold - Seals disambiguation A.K.A. what to spend your resources on?
    An in-depth guide for those really interested. Don't expect DO/DON'T answers here.

    The Shop in Duel of Champions has many great offers. One could even say too many for someone new, who only recently joined the game and is now eager to spend his newly acquired riches, or is even willing to purchase the in-game currency and is trying to figure out, what is the best bang for his buck.
    This Guide aims to help with such decision making.
    To do so, I go through the Shop options one after another and comment on them.

    • Here you can see latest DoC offers: these last for at least several months.
    • Clicking on either of them opens a purchase option. However, each of these deals is also available on its regular spot in the shop.
    • Lastly, the green button Need More Wealth? will open you a window for purchase of in-game currency. The bit of wisdom to remember here is that gold comes nice and easy, while for seals you have to work hard. Therefore, if you are considering buying in, I'd suggest to go for seals. You can, after all, always convert them into gold with the 3rd option this menu offers.

    • Tournament tickets: every other day, the tournament tab [under Play] offers you to join Swiss tournamets. If you want to play those, you'll have to buy some Tournament tickets. I'd suggest to buy 6 [1 bundle] and test the tourney out. That should give you a good idea what comes with the 275 seals and if you want to buy more of them now ... or later, with bigger card pool & better deck.
    • XP Boost: Let's face it, 75 seals means you can only get 4 every 3 levels. Each gives a bonus to 5 games. If you really enjoy levelling, XP Boost might be your thing. Won game (without the boost) nets ~800 XP.
    • Gold Boost: 12 seals for one is much more vallet-friendly, than its XP version. However, it only gives you 50% extra. Still, if you like getting lots of gold, Gold Boost is the way to go. Just remember not to play Jackpot games with the Gold Boost activated, as Jackpot has low gold payouts. Fast games (out of Jackpot) net ~650G, cap is at 850G.
    • Both XP and Gold Boost have an associated achievement, which will give you 10 extra pieces, after using 10 XP/Gold Boosts. Effectively halves the price you need to pay for the first 10 rounds. Now we are talking!

    Yeah... here's where the fun starts. Cards, cards, more cards!
    • All the packs work in the same way: give you random cards. No promises on what exactly are you getting. Be prepared to open a lot of them, before seeing a complete collection. But hey, it's a collectible card game, so that's where the fun is, right?
    • For the moment, we have either Base Set packs or Void Rising packs. Base Set cards are those you were given to begin with, so I'd suggest to buy some of those first, as they create the core of each deck. Void Rising packs offer predominantly the new faction - Sanctuary. Expect having to invest heavily into Void Rising packs though, before you'll find yourself with a working Sanctuary deck.
    • There are Boxes and Packs available. Boxes give the same cards as associated Packs, just in bigger numbers, and with the quantity discount. That's why you need seals to buy them... but you're looking at some of the best deals in the shop, so don't get scared away!
    • Heroic packs and Box. You will find random base set heroes in here. Void Rising heroes are in any VR pack/Box ..or, possibly, in Emilio's.
    • Premium packs are somewhat more expensive, but give out Premium (foil) cards. Those shiny cards, that look so nice and have some achievements linked to them. Get ready to buy a lot of them, before hitting one of those achievements though. You aren't going to get any in-game advantages for having foils in your deck.
    • Emilio's Pack is the only way to get Void Rising cards for gold. The catch is, they are mixed with Base Set cards with no promise of what you'll be getting.
    • Small Pack comes with no promise of its contents. It's a wild a shot, if you are feeling lucky. But don't blame me, if you all get are 2 commons...

    • Stronghold/Necropolis/Inferno/Haven Deck(s): Basic pre-made decks. You were given one of them for free when starting. If you want a fast start in a different faction, these will assure you the faction's hero and some basic cards to start off with.
    • Sanctuary deck: good for those eager to crack on with Sanctuary as it contains one of its heroes. But, overall, it's just another starter deck.
    • Severed fates: contains Ariana, arguably one of the best Necro heroes. You will probably want her, sooner or later, especially considering the only other way to get her is having flipping 5.000 cards in your collection. Comes with some nice rares, too. However, you will want many more of them to play Ariana to her full potential.
    • Clashing tides: contains Crag Hack. As fun as he sounds, unless you have 4 Dark Assassins, you will have a hard time making him work. On the bright side, he comes with Pao Deathseeker, one of the best rares in the game as it stands.
      The two latest are purchasable with either gold or seals. Remember what I said about gold coming easy and seals only through hard work...?

    Redeem code
    • DoC is a pretty generous game and it's not unheard of to stumble upon some promo code, which will get you nice rewards. This is the place to reclaim them.

    As always, if you have any further questions, mmdoc.net/chat is the fastest way to find the answers you are looking for!
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    That's why he wrote "better"...

    Here you go:

    Rarity of cards by colours
    Reflected in their name

    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Heroic

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    • You can only have 4 copies of a card (1 if it's 'Unique') per deck . So, in theory, yes you are free to Pit excessive copies. However, as of yet, cards need to be physically present in the deck, therefore cannot be used in several decks at once. (Adding a card into the deck 'takes' it from your collection.) So I'd advise, for your own comfort, to keep (if at all possible) at least those most frequently used ones in 8 (12, 16 even...) copies.
    • Single player (Campaign/Tutorial) is for the moment very short indeed. Further missions are periodically added with new cards. Once the reward for completion of each step is collected, there is nothing to be gained there, in terms of goods/rewards.

    Happy to help
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    If youre new to this game!

    1)Enter the shop

    2)Press the Redeem Code button

    3)Insert those codes (one at a time):

    TH4NK5FBF4N5(Does not work anymore it seems)



    WE-ARE-NO-TROLLS(Does not work anymore it seems)

    DUEL-AVEC-O-GAMING (Does not work anymore it seems)


    4) Enjoy magic

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    Originally Posted by seariously Go to original post
    Very useful information, what are the percentage of obtaining common,uncommon, rares, epics? for example is it 1/37 for epics?
    Each pack has given numbers of cards of each quality. Plus on top of that there is a 1 in 7 chance to get an Epic instead of Rare card (according to french momcards). There isn't more information on this issue available atm.
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    Added with the patch dated 13/11/2012, Infernal Pit is a place where you can sacrifice your unwanted cards to gain extra gold. There is also an Infernal Card Deal which is changed every 8 hours. You have a chance to win this featured card for free when you make a sacrifice.

    1- How much gold do I earn for sacrificing cards?

    Common: 50 gold
    Uncommon: 300 gold
    Rare: 1000 gold
    Epic: 2000 gold
    Hero: 1000 gold
    Premium: Same with the non-premium version.

    2 -How does Infernal Deal work?

    Every 8 hours, a random card is placed in Infernal Pit. For every sacrifice you make, there is a chance for you to win this featured Infernal Card. The more cards you sacrifice at one go, the higher a chance for you to win that card. Say, the featured card is Rare. You obtain 100% win chance to win it when you make a sacrifice that is worth 20000 gold. So, if you happen to make a sacrifice worth of 10000 gold, your chances are exactly 50% in this case.

    3- How many cards do I have to sacrifice to obtain 100% win chance on Infernal Deal card ?

    Different rarities have different requirements to reach full chance. Basically, it is [the gold value of the card] X 20.

    If the Infernal Deal card is a Common: A sacrifice worthy of 1000 gold provides 100% chance of winning
    If the Infernal Deal card is an Uncommon: A sacrifice worthy of 6000 gold provides 100% chance of winning
    If the Infernal Deal card is a Rare: A sacrifice worthy of 20000 gold provides 100% chance of winning.
    If the Infernal Deal card is an Epic: A sacrifice worthy of 20000 gold provides 100% chance of winning.

    Premium cards provide double value in terms of determining your chances of winning the Infernal Deal card. For instance, sacrificing 10 premium uncommons gives you the same percentage of win chance as sacrificing 20 non-premium uncommons. However, they don't provide double gold.

    4- Can I win a featured Infernal Deal card more than one time?

    No. The card disappears from the Infernal Pit when you are awarded with it. A new card will be made available after the timer reaches zero. However, you can obtain the same card at a later date.

    5- Can I obtain every card in the game via Infernal Deals ?

    All cards will be made available including their Premium version.
    The 2 exceptions are: Heroes which will never be offered and Epic cards that will be made available with special events.
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    Tournaments are a great way to try to compete and win some prizes, some are free and some requires tickets.

    What are tournaments??

    There currently is two types of tournaments: Swiss and Jackpot

    Jackpot - You compete in this tournament and try to win as many games as you can. Every time you win you will receive ranking points (Tournament ELO), when you lose you lose ranking points (Tournament ELO). In this format you receive less gold than normal because gold is deducted to be put into the jackpot.

    Swiss - You play 3 rounds against 3 different opponents. Each player has 7 minutes to attempt to finish off the opponent.

    How do I join tournaments and what does it cost?

    You can begin to join tournaments after you hit an ELO rating of 200.

    Jackpot tournament is free to enter, but after each game, the ending gold is taxed and put into the jackpot (so you will earn less gold than normal).

    Swiss tournament costs 1 ticket to enter.

    Where do I get tickets?

    Every account starts off with 5 tickets. When you run out you can buy tickets in the shop for Seals, 265 Seals for 6 tickets. There are achievements which rewards tickets as well. For example, completing your first swiss tournament will reward you 1 ticket.

    What are the prizes of each tournament?

    Jackpot - you gain a % of the gold from the jackpot depending what rank you are in at the end of the day.

    Swiss -
    1st place gets a Premium Void Rising Pack
    2nd place gets a Void Rising Pack
    Door prize - For completing all 3 matches you have a chance (not guaranteed) to receive an Emillio's Pack
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    Originally Posted by epicafricantoad Go to original post
    I do believe you are cause i can't make that one work
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    Originally Posted by Bonzaii Sheep Go to original post
    I do believe you are cause i can't make that one work
    Not working for me as well....
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