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    Heroes of might and magic VI "Ubisoft Game Launcher: Error code 2"

    So everytime I try to start Heroes of might and magiv VI, this thing comes up saying "Ubisoft Game Launcher: Error code 2". I know there are several other threads about this but none of the solutions that worked for them, work for me. I've tried the following things:
    1. Making the game.exe into a shortcut and then going into properties and adding "/offline" at the end. Didn't work.
    2. Reinstalling ubisoft game launcher using link given from ubisoft website. Didn't work. (here's the link http://static3.cdn.ubi.com/orbit/lau...rInstaller.exe)

    Now, from the information I've gathered it seems that the problem is that I can find the Ubisoft game launcher folder, but when I go to control panel and try to uninstall game launcher, it's not there. This is apparently what's causing the problem (according to diverse forums).

    Please respond as soon as you can, I really look forward to playing the game.
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    Ignore this thread, accidentally made two identical ones.
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    For anyone else with this issue please see here http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...=1#post9001155
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