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    ZombieU Patch FAIL

    I'm wondering if this long awaited patch even fixed anything. I just downloaded the update and upon launching my save file it didn't seem to correct my game breaking glitch. I'm stuck on the refuel the generator quest where it doesn't allow you to scan the hidden door code in the shed and outside on the wall. At this point im pissed...Are we supposed to restart the game to see the fixes? Screw that, im just gonna trade this POS in and buy the new walking dead game. I'm pretty dissapointed that this game was released not fully completed. Seems like ubicrap pulled a slick one on a crap ton of people. BS!
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    I figured most of us would have to restart the game,I kind of expected it which is why it doesn't bother me.As long as 10-15 hrs in I don't have to worry about another game breaking glitch.I have Walking Dead even though there are no game breakers that I found,the game is very poor.You'll be disappointed.
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    Has anybody else tried to resume on a game breaking glitch and not seen any change? I find it pretty weird that some people have been able to play this game in its entirety without any issues. This "patch" was pretty small in size considering the dl time. This game was so cool until I hit the glitch, so disappointed. ..
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    I agree it was surprisingly small.I hit a game breaking glitch on 11/22/2012 and put it away for a couple months.I decided to restart the game in January and made it all the way through the game without issue.So I'm not sure what triggers these glitches.
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    Well that's good to know, thx for the feedback living. This game is good enough to give a second try. I was 15 hours in and continued to play just to build my inventory up which is why I'm mad this patch didn't allow me to continue my game save. I'll start over and just hope they finally completed their game. Head shots all day!
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    Patch is out!

    The patch is out NOW! Thanks, Ubisoft!
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