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    New cards announced from upcoming series 7!

    In the Tuesday Team Stream these two cards were announced:

    Ariana, Chosen of the Void
    Spoiler:  Show

    Eternal Apprentice
    Spoiler:  Show

    Please post and share any other cards you find in this thread
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    Nice initiative!
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    Ariana looks younger on that card, but also look like void is consumed her more! Gj artist i like it
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    maybe ariana ability when she is on field your cards can't be banished or she can resurrect banished cards
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    nice stuff! <3 Arianna
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    nah, didnt want a hero card to be a creature card
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    ariana must be a neutral creature prime aligned and that eternal dude is surely a human wizard (not lich) of necro
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    Ariana, Chosen of the Void

    Magic Shooter (Prime)
    Cost: 5 requisition
    Requirements: 4 Might, 3 Magic
    Stats: 3/2/7

    Immune to retaliation.
    Every time a card is sent to the graveyard, banish it.
    When Ariana, Chosen of the Void enters the battlefield or attacks, destroy target friendly creature first, then destroy target enemy creature.

    Flavour text: "Give me your life, so that it may fuel the spell that will end theirs." Ariana.

    A perpetual Altar of Asha, essentially. It is a direct counter to any graveyard recursion deck. Perfect for board control, but useless for rushing. I do not know how balanced it is, but it looks very fun to play.
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    Spoiler:  Show
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    can anyone tell me where to get the card information of these new cards like s9tf1 said for ariana
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