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    assassin's creed 3 season pass PROBLEM


    I bought today Season pass for AC3 i activated my cd code in the game.
    But now i haven't recieved any emails to download the DLC's, don't see any changes in the uplay program and in game.
    How can i fix this???????

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    my problem is bigger i think i don't know how to activate it
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    Originally Posted by kihokiller Go to original post
    my problem is bigger i think i don't know how to activate it
    Hi - you activate the season pass in the 'extras' > 'redeem code' menu in game:


    If you have activated the season pass - you will get download links and activation keys to the registered email address for the Uplay account you use to play the game.

    If you do not receive these emails, you should contact support:

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    kihokiller tell me if it worked with you.
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    Well Mr_Shade i have sent qestions to the support,it has been like 3-4 days and i still havent got a reply. I have season pass and I got an email for the first DLC but not for the second one the betrayal.
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