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    Developer Journal – Issue #36


    After the launch of season 4, we were able to concentrate on analyzing what you’ve been saying about the PvP endgames in the forums and survey results. Once again, many thanks for the numerous suggestions you sent us.

    The surveys show a majority of you were appreciated the changes made, including the new endgames and the removal of return halts.
    However, many of you thought attacking was too easy.

    These are the biggest problems you’ve brought to our attention on the forums:

    - Alliances can build a Grail at the last moment so as not to give points to an opposing alliance
    - Attacking alliances lack the necessary time to react when an attack is launched on their Grails, especially if the real attack is in the middle of fake ones
    - It’s difficult to determine which attacks on a Grail are real if an alliance launches several dozen attacks at the same time

    We’ve chosen to make the following changes.

    From now on, you will be obliged to build your own Grail before being able to launch an attack on an opponent’s grail. This will put an end to the tactic of building Grails at the very last moment. Alliances that have built their Grails in the round but then lost it can continue to attack opponents’ Grails.

    We’ve increased the number of ruins that appear after each Grail construction. Now, four ruins will appear around a Grail city, each of them eight regions away. They will collapse and be removed at the end of the round when the Grail is destroyed. Attackers can no longer choose the ruin to exit through - it will be picked at random from the four existing ruins.

    And finally, we’ll be adding information to the message sent to the Grail alliance when an attack is launched upon them. You’ll now be able to see the hero’s attacking army strength and his journey details, making him easier to spot in the list of halts.

    With these three changes we hope to have addressed the main problems you discovered during the beta.

    If you think there are any other points we’ve possibly forgotten, please continue to use the forum to bring them to our attention. We’ll make more adjustments if we feel they’re necessary.

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    Does "everybody" REALLY like the no halt return stuff? It's one thing for grail attacks, but for EVERY ACTION?? It feels really broken and wrong and removes a lot from the game.
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    Are the no return halts for every action? I was still hoping it was just for tear attacks (I haven't been at the point of testing for pillages/sieges etc), no return halts from every action is just well... mind boggling and I also struggle to believe you guys like it -- did you even read what you were putting down or just thinking about getting a few free seals for sending something off?

    Am I missing something re. fake attacks? Tear-town overload due to huge quantity of incomings is what showed an alliances true worth to be able to hold and work out the real from the fakes. Is it because it's all been focussed from one ruin on one town making it just *too* much to even theoretically deal with?

    Having to build a tear before going for another alliances seems good to me but have there been any changes regarding lower ranked alliances being able to attack higher ranked alliances in order to catch up - how is this not the problem with the Tournament system?
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    Can we just go back to season 1 and season 2 rules? I do not like anything about the tournament rules.
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    and still not addresing the pocketbook warriors issue:
    Mange_Nut said
    ":Well this is not going to restore balance or keep new players, now there are pocketbook warriors dominating the game completely, they have million to two million strength armies in as little as 3 weeks now, if anything the game isso out of balance you will have people quitting right quick if they cannot compete, I for one will be quitting, I care not for being unable to even offer a pitiful resistance to these people. I will be starting no new games, and may well drop out of the current ones unless something is done. all the new purchasable items are being misused to create super/ heroes/villains that are nothing more than bullies with toys. "

    I said:

    "They should stop giving vestiges away and stop this insane money drive, I remember when there used to be thousands on these servers, not hundreds, but thousands, worlds actually used to fill up.
    they have corrupted the the game into something that promotes the same thing as the world economy, greed and selfish power for those that can afford it, why bother coming to a fantasy world when it is the same as the real one, where is the pride in the game you created, you can have no pride, people are quitting faster than they are joining, and those that join do not stay unless they have money to burn. It used to be a game of strategy, now is is nothing more than a cash cow of little duration, it is dying faster than they can save it. "
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    4 runs is too much.. 2 would be fine..

    8 squares isnt enough.. it needs to be twelve or 15.. there are multiple reasons for this:

    attack + Battle Cry 3 + Infiltrator = 9 squares

    Unless you've fixed the bug, if you attack a halt and fail the opponent gets the battle cry buff a second time and moves 6 squares..

    I really don't understand who these people are who have an issue with decoy attacks.. Having been the target of 32 simultaneous attacks on my last S3 world, it was the only real challenge worth facing. One mistake cost us my grail.. and while all 32 attacks were inbound we stole one of theirs to keep the game going for another few weeks.

    We had to scout each halt, come up with a spreadsheet and assign different people to attack different incoming attacks.. it was probably the most fun and intense experience I've had in this game..

    I too miss seasons 1 and 2 where having an ally meant something because to steal a grail you had to survive the trip...Where you could sneak attack an alliance from someone else's ruin.. and halting on return trips? Thats how you punish someone for failure on a grail run or rediculously long attack run.. you punish them each stop along the way coming and going..

    This isnt Mario Brothers or a console game.. its a strategy game.. when you keep removing the strategic part of it, whats left?

    Limit attack size based on the targets alliance power.. So a guy with 17M in paladins can't attack a guy who's alliance has one grail and the biggest defender has 5M troops. Limit each player to one attack on the target so if they want to send 15 decoys and 15 attacks, every member has to be involved..

    I was talked into keeping my subscription for one more season.. but if all the life is going to be sucked out because people can't coordinate grail defenses or use their mind to figure things out.. I might as well cancel it.. I'm here for the mental workout the game gives you on grail runs..
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    ditto to Mydral and Mange_nut. I am already looking for a new game to play. The season 1 and 2 were the best. And now that is history. I can't afford to keep up with the money spenders. I already pay a subscription and that should have been enough. To bad. I enjoyed this game.

    PS my name is Bbomb not Bbomber.
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    Canceled my subscription renewal already, its not worth playing anymore...............
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    u got to be kidding

    really?most of US like the no return halts idea?hmm so if they failed to get what they want they can just go home get some new gears and more troops and come try again the next day?so i can not longer punish those who dare to come steal my grail?so if 10 player almost got my tear today all they have to do is come together again tomorrow because 10 of them will out recruit me?10 of them will out vestige me?
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    just more of what we were talking about JTHELEGEND, they want all 11 of you spending money on enchanted beams so they can make money, thats why the give you the free vestiges.
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