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    MMHO Gameplay trailer released

    Hi dragon Children,

    Enough of just telling you how awesome Might and Magic Heroes Online will be – it’s time to show you. Today we are glad to show you the first gameplay trailer of MMHO.

    For the first time we will give a glimpse on the cooperative battles which are completely new to the Might & Magic series. But that’s not all: if you would like to see the battles, some scene of the Necromancer province and enjoy the astonishing world of Ashan you should – what am I saying – you must watch this trailer.

    But now it is enough of just telling you – here is the gameplay trailer

    DE http://ubi.li/zyaJg
    UK http://ubi.li/sTuW3
    PL http://ubi.li/PR7HQ
    FR http://ubi.li/hn9Mq

    Leave a comment and tell us what you think about the trailer and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

    Best regards
    Your MMHO-Team
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    Interview with one of the developers of the game:
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    Really awesome !
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    I have played HOMM 3 so long... its my favorite game in all heroes - and i must say, this game should be fantastic - i cant wait to see how multiplayer battles would work in practice
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    I can't wait to get beta key!

    in the meantime feel free to read my blog Maybe i will even write something about HOMM Online
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    I can't believe that I have never heard of this, I am so eager to play it already !
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    Looking Great. Work hard to make it good for us
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    This forum is quiet about the info but I've been wondering... When will the European server be launched?
    Polish server has already open but. How about European?
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