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    AC Liberation Achievement trophies

    I am 99.9% sure that I have checked every possible menu and cannot figure out how to see my current achievements and trophies. Can you please tell me how to see them? Ex. I can see that I got every mushroom, but can't be sure I've treated every patient. I also just in general feel like it should be easy to see what's Achievements and or trophies I have.
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    It should be under the DNA tracker, organized into sections by type of mission. The only reason they shouldn't be on there at all is if you never did a single thing under that category in the entire game-- and, if it helps, any side mission that the game forced you to do as a tutorial for how those kinds of missions work counts as a main mission, not a side mission.
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    Nope, one of my biggest issues with Liberation is that it has no in-game stats which made trophy hunting needlessly more hard work than it needed to be, you had to keep track yourself. It doesn't even tell you what sequence of the memory you're on until you've completed a mission in it. The quality of life is terrible. That said, if you're on xbox you should have the achievement tracker which tells you how close you are.
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    So. Yeah.

    There was a bug with the original version that prevented people getting 100% completion. So, when they remastered it, they 'fixed' it by just taking the stat screen right out...
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