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    Ubisoft 'support'

    I wonder how many other folks have been frustrated by the Ubisoft (lack of) support. I reported a bug and then was asked to keep contacting Ubisoft every 48 hours, and if I didn't they assumed I had fixed the problem - ridiculous! Here is the note I sent:

    The issue is not solved. I have not written again within 48 hours because I do not propose to spend weeks/months/years emailing you continually until YOU finally solve the problem - your implication that I should solve the problem is ridiculous. Your system of 'support' is plainly not fit for purpose. Certainly, from my point of view, it is simply a way of repeatedly fobbing off those who request help until such time as they get fed up, and so finally stop bothering you. As it is, I have stopped playing the game, and so I will not be bothering you again - perhaps you regard this as a 'success'?

    How many others agree?
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    bolz87's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apr 2009
    Ubisoft Support is utter trash, don't listen to them, they don't care about us
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    andreja110s's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jun 2012
    Support? What support?? Oooooh, you mean the people that are supposed to help you( but actually don´t)? I think I said enough.

    Oh, I found this post on FB( http://www.facebook.com/groups/114760718696774/ )

    ˝my god support strikes again...
    i told them last time something like "btw, to my previous problems, your last patch also gave me multiplayer lags"
    and what did they say? what do you think?
    Please check if you have the latest patch....OH MY GOD! I just freaking told em i HAVE the latest patch, what the **** are they even thinking)))˝
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    AjinkyaParuleka's Avatar Senior Member
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    Oct 2012
    I say again,there is no Ubisoft Support,just bots.
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    Mr_Shade's Avatar Senior Community Manager
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    Nov 2009
    Guys lets not bash support..

    when they contact you, they normally offer you a quick FAQ / solution - if you do not reply to them to say it does not work - your ticket maybe closed after 48 hours..

    this is due to people not replying and saying it has fixed it etc - this is to try and reduce the number of open tickets, which are not needed so it's important you do reply..

    If they do close it you can reopen it simply be replying.

    any further questions, please contact me directly via pm.
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