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    Here is how to Update PunkBuster after Patch 1.03

    ok guys, you will be kicked out of MP after patch 1.03, you need to update PB, here is the download link, just download this and install it:


    UPDATE: it worked at first and when playing FFA, but when in group it keeps kicking you, i think the problem is from Ubisoft side not from our side.
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    I am just so pissed. I updated it, but now i had 13k assassinate and 15 seconds left to the end, and i got kicked. I hope Noobysoft will fix it soon...
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    yep, it doesnt kick you all the time when FFA, random kicks and when group, i was able to play one session, then when i pulled back, we all got kicked.

    So its definitely Servers Issues not client.
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    bolz87's Avatar Senior Member
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    Yeah it doesn't work, sometimes i get kicked even if i only create a group U__U and nobody have said nothing about this patch
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    Black_Widow9's Avatar Community Representative
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    Thanks for the effort Yaz!

    Please make sure you all contact Support and post in this thread: http://support.ubisoft.com/

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