This thread only concerns those who have a map in the Gold Playlist.

Hello everyone.

If you have had a map in the Gold Playlist and have updated that map, you have probably seen that it no longer shows up in the Gold Playlist Rotation.
Whenever you issue an updated version of that map (which you are encouraged to do if you feel the map needs tweaking) the map gets invalidated for Gold.

This is by design. It's because we don't want to risk someone getting a hold of your console or computer, and trashing the map. We also don't want to risk that someone re-makes the map into something that violates our terms of use (offensive content, mainly).

If you have updated the map and need it revalidated. Please send an email to this address:
farcrymaps <at> ubisoft <dot> com

Make sure you include the following:

  • Your online name for FarCry 3.
  • The map's name.
  • The platform (XBOX, PS3, PC).

DO NOT send an email to this address if you do not have a map that has already been selected for the Gold Playlist. Thank you.